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Subj: Batman 29 - What the????
Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 at 11:39:07 am EDT (Viewed 210 times)

I've read reviews and people seem to like this issue.

I don't get that. Nothing happens. I am old school and feel that every issue needs some action. You can have the occasional issue where hero broods about past. These were great in the old days because they caught newbies up with the books.

Bruce hosts a dinner between the evil parties.

I have questions. First, how did he contact them? How did he arrange this with the Cops. Why would they come to a sit down?

Frankly, why are the villains on one side or another? What's there motive? Money? Love of death? Kicks? These things aren't explained. We get no sense of character with anyone.

This is bad writing. Bad plotting.

Additionally, this is a story told in flashback to Catwoman. Selina must have some memory of this. She must have her own point of view. This story is being told to us the audience and we have no knowledge of this, but Selina as a character has to have some knowledge of these events. (We do see her in her Jim Balent Cat outfit. Points to artist for actually giving her normal, non-stripper proportions. She looks slinky, healthy and agile. She doesn't look like a stripper who accidentally got sent to a children's birthday party.)

Why did he honor the truce? These guys are going out to kill people.

Just fake it so that the villains think Bats crashed the party and tied Bruce up. There is a mention of hostages, but Joker says he might have killed them already.

Or maybe drug the food. I don't know, just do something.

Why would any sane law-enforcement officer let these guys get away?

Why not just have 20 SWAT teams surround the place and GUN THEM DOWN. They are terrorists and responsible for the deaths of, at least, dozens.

We didn't take Bin Laden alive, and I am OK with that. Shooting these mass murderers down, I'd be OK with that. Think Bonnie and Clyde.

Also, stop trying to make the Riddler some badass. Catching a thrown knife in mid-air using only two fingers. No, that's not the Riddler.

Where are his clever riddles? That's who he is. That's what he does.

Also, clinically-depressed Joker isn't the Joker. The notion that the Joker would actually sit down because he's been forced to? No, not buying it. The Joker plays by his own rules. That's the character. That's always been the character.

King, you are missing the point of both these characters.
Bascially, I've found this story arc to be slow, revealing nothing about the characters and follows no rational story logic.

Or I could be wrong.

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