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Subj: Notify the Logic Police! [ASM 666]
Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 at 09:05:27 am EDT (Viewed 535 times)

Not saying these panels are good or bad. Gonna reserve judgement but reeeally gotta think about this New Atlantis Summer Camp idea.

Curious if others will come to conclusions about it first. Oh, the chronology! Obviously, after F.I., right, and Ben's not in Maximum Security for Breaker-killings is one observation. Still not clear of any obvious connection/distance between Utopia Atlantis and New Atlantis either. And theres more to infer. Like, Sue must be liking the royalty status too. And Wu&Vil can look forward to spitting contests again. ;\)

AND notify the superstitious comic book readers about #666. Do NOT shy away from THAT issue of Spider-man - it's an AMAZING read. Plus there's more FF tidbits to enjoy in ASM #666!

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