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Tom Brevoort's response came from a query about what Marvel's response will be to the blockbuster announcement by DC that they will be lowering the prices on all their titles across the board.

Update: During Marvel's T&A panel, the pricing question came up. Marvel VP Tom Brevoort noted that, in addition to Marvel not launching newer books at the $3.99 price, it was looking at ways to consolidate or contract its line of titles. Brevoort specifically cited the abundance of upcoming Thor books, noting that they're noticing consumer confusion as people don't know what's important and not important. Brevoort noted that it might be possible, and better, to increase the shipping schedule of some titles (like Thor) instead of creating multiple side projects.

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Hehe, the typical "milking the franchise" when a movie is nearing. The Thor fan in me enjoys it because there is no drought anymore, but I dislike it when they force Thor into everything or bring back everyone all at once, sacrificing the pacing quality (ex. Odin or Thunderstrike) just to make new readers jump the bandwagon.

Bottom-line, crank out Thor titles but maintain quality control. Don't do it, just for the movie's sake.

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As long as they leave Thor The Mighty Avenger alone, I'm fine

Well, no duh...
If you are going to go out of continuity - the story had better be pretty action packed or revealing or monumental.

Rodi's Loki piece wasn't all action but he established exactly what the premise was at the top - what happens if Loki wins and what motivates him/ultimately undermines him.

This latest piece is all exploration with no clear premise. Who is the outside force pulling Asgard apart. Why did Odin leave? 3 issues in and we just found out some part of the answer to the second question which could be a series in and of itself.

First Thunder - is another retelling of the origin. Why? Haven't we had that enough?

Ulty Thor - now that hit a home run IMHO. It had action, intrigue and relevance to the UU.

Fractions One shots - a lot of epic action even if not in continuity.

Not hard to figure out which of these are going to sell. It either has to have impact in defining the character in continuity - ala the first Wolverine mini which had little relevance to the 616 but told us through action much more about who Wolverine was or it has to have SLAM BANG ACTION ala the recent Hulk fights everybody mini - a treatment Thor has never received and the violent little fanboys in all of us would respond to.

When I hear post mortems like this from many media decision makers I feel like they are suffering from a lack of Keep It Simple Stupid.

Still I actually think we all ought to reach out to Breveroot and thank him for Thor The Mighty Avenger just so he knows that Thor fans are not constantly complaining hateful ingrates.

That title, Gillen's work, the addition of Fraction, Hickman on Ulty Thor have all been great.

Heck I admit that I was psyched for another Rodi Thor - some vetting on the story would have been nice but then we would be squelching creativity so what can you do?

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Hey all! \:\-\)

Totally understandable. While most of us thought a deluge of Thor books might be a good thing I think with hindsight its just muddying the waters. As I see it there are several problems.

1. Theres just too many to keep up with. There must be about a dozen different titles between now and the end of the year. Its just an overload. They are going from one comic a month to about 5 or 6 a month. Its too much to ask, especially in the current $3.99 climate (which is really a $4.99 climate for us in the UK).

2. The vast majority are all out of continuity.

3. The deluge of titles is really taking away the spotlight from Fractions run.

In my opinion they should have just had 1 Thor title, 1 Ultimate Thor title and maybe 1 out of continuity mini-series (at a time).

Son of Asgard was brilliant, Stormbreaker was great, Loki was excellent.

But its just like Marvel have said, "Okay theres a Thor movie out soon, lets throw as much poop at the wall as we can and see what sticks!"

Thats not to say there might indeed be some good stories coming out, but I'd rather have two great mini-series than half a dozen 'meh' ones.

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Thor's always been a bit of a hard sell to the average comic book reader from my understanding, so the sudden burst of varying unrelated titles -due in part to the movie, obviously- must be confusing for someone who only has a basic knowledge of the character and isn't sure where to start (and what's actually in-continuity at this point).

Can't say I blame 'em. It almost feels like Marvel is making up for lost time, too.

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I'm in the camp that has stopped buying these non continuity side issues. They were fine and dandy to fill the months waiting for JMS to do something, but now that Thor is on time, I don't have the will or way to get all of these titles. In many cases I'm almost afraid to read these new titles b/c I'm worried they'll be better than the main Thor book. If there was some way to combine efforts and have Thor + a back pages storyline like Tales of Asgard(?) used to be then it would make Thor's title even more valuable to buy if not worth the price for some extra page count.

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Howdy Malekith! \:\-\)

I like the idea of paying more for more content.

If we assume the new 20 page standard, at $2.99 is coming into effect soon then I'd probably be willing to tolerate a $3.99 price point with maybe a 6 page extra feature 'a la' Tales of Asgard.

I really don't like having multiple mini-series shoved down my throat, which is why I'll wait for the trades and check out reviews/opinions before I buy.

But an in-continuity side-story could be an interesting way for Marvel to sell these stories - though I wonder in this decompressed age if Marvel know any writers who can actually tell a story in 6 pages...?

I think they tried something like this with the Incredible Hulk a few months back which alternated between this Hiro-Kala business and She-Hulks, but I just couldn't warm to either set of characters.

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