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Subj: From Brevoort... Marvel having second thoughts about the "abundance" of upcoming Thor books.
Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 at 02:47:11 pm EDT (Viewed 511 times)

Tom Brevoort's response came from a query about what Marvel's response will be to the blockbuster announcement by DC that they will be lowering the prices on all their titles across the board.

Update: During Marvel's T&A panel, the pricing question came up. Marvel VP Tom Brevoort noted that, in addition to Marvel not launching newer books at the $3.99 price, it was looking at ways to consolidate or contract its line of titles. Brevoort specifically cited the abundance of upcoming Thor books, noting that they're noticing consumer confusion as people don't know what's important and not important. Brevoort noted that it might be possible, and better, to increase the shipping schedule of some titles (like Thor) instead of creating multiple side projects.