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Zodiac Pope

Subj: Avengers:Childrens Crusade current spoilers including X-factor news
Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 at 11:44:40 pm EDT (Viewed 584 times)

Oh my goodness I have enjoyed this title. The likelihood that things will backfire are there but I am really hoping that is not the case. Wanda wanting to fix her mistakes and giving Rictor back his powers! Come on. I like the idea of mutants who want their powers back getting them. Also this does something else fantastic. Removes the need for Hope to make more lights! I like Hope do not get me wrong but we have all these old mutants that were depowered why not give us them back and keep the "new" ones on the sidelines for when old ones die. Oh and Dani can get her powers back and Prodigy...this has made me happy.