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Subj: Astonishing X-Men #3: X, Red Skull, Sikorsky, Agent Preston...
Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 at 12:24:38 pm EDT (Viewed 223 times)

Astonishing X-Men 003 (2017)

Cover: A proper cover image choice. Not sure about pre-teen Logan sporting claws though - maybe he's a teen drawn with creative license?

Combo Title/Recap Double Splash theme: Noted.

OML: Wow. Marvel is really trying to shove this guy in our faces and keeps trying to convince us, in all the books, his POV is developed and layered different from his unique timeline - yet ends up presented as Classic Logan. He continues to fail because he is not believably presented unique or interesting yet. But if readers just accept him as a cheap fill in copy, this issue's co-spotlight on him is more bearable and his psychic resolve to stop the Shadow King is pretty engaging. That is until the unclear and/or disappointing last panel snikt - by either him or Xavier or Farouk.

Angel: He's got to share the co-spotlight. Update on him is long overdue so this is a start. Hmm... looks like he's got a Banner/Hulk split persona thing developing. Thoughts? It was refreshing and proper to see his pure hero self try to call a truce before first blood. Speaking of 'pure' he should either grow sideburns or not - Marvel, don't have him fine with being unshaven!

Mystique: As surmised last issue, she did revert from Beast to her true form on the physical plane. Hmm... guess the question is how was she able to project a psychic image of the Beast before uncovered by OML - who else would it be? *sigh*

Bishop: Didn't say anything important. Didn't do anything at all (tampering the timeline). As it should be if he has to be on this team again. Maybe, he and OML should have a talk about the Meaning of alt-Life ASAP.

Psylocke: On the one hand she's powerful enough to pull off this feat and help save the world. On the other, she can't even psi-see the X-men she sent there? Juggling too many psyches? Really? Is she intentionally not entering herself or hiding from Shadow King not to see him (and Xavier if she did)? Good and bad about her showing - for being like the 5th most powerful, right? Plus, her whole plan is kind of flawed if Beast-Mystique&Remy&Fanty&Rogue succumb so quickly.

Mystique&Remy&Fanty&Rogue: Cheap one panel cameo. Another "new team" book by Marvel with an early issue with the team essentially not in it. Bah.

Keene: Typical S.O.B. in charge of security that makes the wrong call from misinformation. Typical plot device - which is tropey but good enough.

Shadow King: Proper villain presence in a superhero adventure - his mind games with Xavier is pretty engaging.

Xavier: Going to assume he is the real soul psychic sentience even though his backstory to getting here must be groanworthy, especially after that whole TERRIBLY HANDLED Lost Xavier Brain Quest debacle. His opposition of Farouk feels spot on heroic here. Of course, if his brain has been preserved this long by Red Skull maybe some eggheads can pull off another Sikorsky-style cloning, with that since his body has probably decomposed, to return him to corporeal state. [SIDEBAR: Who here feels that the real soul psychic sentience of Agent Preston has been captured by SHIELD within her LMD body running around in Deadpool? (Wade seems to think so: http://imgur.com/gallery/OgzHz)]

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