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Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2011 at 11:09:04 pm EDT (Viewed 21 times)
Reply Subj: Re: They're actually doing the Scarlet Witch's return pretty well
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How crazy-fun is this mini-series! How can one issue pack so much in? I can't remember ANY other mini-series in Marvel history that has included so many teams, characters, big name villains, and universe-altering themes. And Heinberg has my absolute awe at his ability to write every single cast member so perfectly in-character (what are we talking, four dozen characters? Five?).

Already Wanda has taken a lot of steps toward redemption in my eyes. Seeing Scott Lang alive and Rictor re-powered fixes two out of the three most painful Wanda-related tragedies for me (the third, and first among them all, is the still-unresolved death of the original Vision). True, the No More Mutants event had a lot more casualties, but most of them are faceless to me. Rictor's struggle has been the most visual and best-written (Dani Moonstar being a close second).

Other things I liked:
- Finally! Verification that Billy and Tommy are in fact Wanda's kids.
- The very near verification that Clint slept with a Doombot (he DESERVES his humiliation).
- That it was Henry McCoy who asked Wanda to reverse her spell (it's been his cross to bear more than anyone's).
- Rictor/Shatterstar's conversation, and Jamie/Strong Guy sticking up for Rictor.
- The X-Men's entrance (did Beast call them in?).
- The art is spectacular of course. The creative team of Heinburg/Cheung rivals the all-time greats like Claremont/Byrne, Busiek/Perez, Stern/Romita Jr.

    but let's hope Marvel doesn't get so wrapped up in Wanda being reintroduced to everyone she's betrayed to forget:

    - the need for some comment about the Vision's current status from Wanda

This is what I want the most from this mini-series. If the Vision is resurrected, I'll forgive Wanda and forget the awful writing that damaged her in the first place.

    - the reality that Wanda's return should also bring out the same psychos who chased after Hope as child and teen when it was only rumored she might help mutant race expand

Indeed. She'll be a target for the anti-mutant contingent as well as the formerly powered looking for payback.

    - how this is supposed to make the Young Avengers persona non-grata in Marvel U

Is it? I hadn't heard that. Their status quo at the end of all this is one of the biggest question marks in my mind. I'm envisioning them as Wanda's Protectors.

    - that despite how well things are going for Wanda, she's still too damaged by her history to return to main Avengers titles

We need some sort of verification that her mental breakdowns are 100% corrected. It would have been nice to see Xavier among the X-Men. I guess we'll have to take Frost's word for it.

    - figuring out whether this comes before/after Fear Itself and Schism

I think the chronology of all this will continue to be troublesome. That's what happens when you release a universe-affecting series over the course of two years - the status quo in the surrounding universe keeps changing.

Other thoughts and fears:
- I fear Wanda may not survive this. We may be reading a martyr story where we get to see her go out a hero. But will Wolverine be her executioner, nailing the coffin on repowering once and for all?
- Will Pietro ever have to face responsibility for his role in House of M, M-Day and the terrigen-repowering-deaths?
- Wouldn't Wanda's continued existence in 616 be a higher priority for Magneto than the X-Men? And if so, would he take Wanda to Utopia, or leave the X-Men altogether?
- Will Doom continue to fight for Wanda?
- Will Iron Lad stick around?
- Will Vision-Lad make it out alive?
- Will Kate get a new code-name?
- Will Scott Lang get a new identity?
- Will Wanda say the magic words, "No More Jessica Jones"?

just a few thoughts on your comments

- chances are when Wanda started using her powers again she was detected by Cerebra which brought the X-men running

- in a recent one-shot future versions of the Young Avengers told Iron Lad how their crusade made them persona-non grata among Marvel heroes (forget exact details)

- "damaged history" was meant to refer to the nameless dead/disfigured former mutants; although you have to wonder whether there is a telepath or psychologist who's actually trustworthy/brave enough to make sure reality altering Wanda is alright; Xavier didn't really help her pre-house of M

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