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Subj: What year is it? Somewhen in 1990-3. (Children's Crusade 7 Spoilers)
Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 at 08:29:04 am EDT (Viewed 173 times)
Reply Subj: Re: You knew this was coming. (Children's Crusade 7 Spoilers)
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Here's a link to a scan so you can see the explanation for yourself:

    Well, we knew that eventually they were going to try and absolve her of blame someone. But it depends how "in control of her own actions" she was. If it's not like she was possessed and something else's puppet, it still means that twice over, vastly upgraded powers + personal trauma/tragedy/adversity have resulted in her becoming violently, murderously insane, and that she still caused M-Day because of her own self-loathing for being a mutant, and her throwing a hissy-fit at her father. Regardless of her power-level, those issues and character-flaws would still remain, and regardless of how much Ant-Man and Hawkeye were collateral damage, some part of her intentionally targetted Vision, and to a less-murderous degree, Tony, Steve, She-Hulk and Falcon.

If you look at the scan, it does seem like Wanda was "possessed" by the Life Force. OTOH, Wanda's character flaws probably influenced the way she lashed out, unless the Life Force has something against Magneto and the Vision.

    Considering that Strange was present for the birth of the twins, and detected nothing wrong/abnormal/Mephisto-y with them at all, he probably wouldn't be the first person she'd turn to for anything relating to them. And does she even KNOW Clea or Doctor Brother Voodoo? In contrast, Doom is someone she has met, and would be someone more likely to think the unthinkable, and come up with ends-justifies-the-means solutions none of the others would even consider, and his long rivalry with Mephisto could be all the reason he'd need to get involved.

I guess one thing that bothered me was Wanda claiming that Doom was a more powerful mystic than Strange. He really wasn't before WWH.

    > I wonder when Wanda went to Doom since he was in Hell for several months preceding Disassembled.

    How far back is this supposed to have happened? Way back after the twins were lost, in the late 1980s/early 1990s doesn't really work, because she wasn't that powerful back then. And as you say, Doom's own timeline prevents it having happened in the immediate months before Disassembled. Ideally, it needs to occur before the Heroes Return/"chaos magic" stuff, because that's where the years of increasing powers began, long before Bendis took it to the level seen in House of M, and there's so much character-ruination there that deserves to be thrown out as "she said/did/wore this because she was insane".

If you look at the panels carefully, Doom obviously realized things had gone horribly wrong, as Wanda smashed up his castle. The longer before Disassembled this takes place, the longer we have to wonder why Doom didn't do anything.


OK, so looking at that, we've established that this can't be "after the flashback in Avengers #503", because
a) Doom was in H*ll back then, and
b) her having forgotten about the twins at that time was a symptom of the already-existing madness.

And in that scan, she's wearing the old/classic costume she stopped wearing in 1993, which says that this has to have happened somewhen between when she first remembered the twins again (somewhere between AWC #62 in 1990, and the Pacific Overlords storyline in #70-74), and Bloodties in 1993. Since the AWC kind-of-sort-of teamed up with Doom in an Excalibur storyline around the same time, it all works.

From there, we have her forgetting what happened with Doom for years, while her power-levels creep upwards, her personality changes and sanity decays. That this encompasses the leader-of-Force Works era is kind of sad, but on the other hand, it explains away that costume she wore at the start of FW. And if the goal is "to make her a viable character again by resetting her to how she was in the 1980s", that's an admirable enough goal.

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