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Subj: You'd think, wouldn't you?
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Reply Subj: That line would work with anyone except Bullseye.
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The gimmick with Bullhawk was that Norman made sure NO ONE outside the team knew that was Bullseye under the mask prior to the end of Siege, because even Norman knew that this would basically end the whole game. Norman had to do the same in the Thunderbolts; Bullseye wasn't part of the on-camera team, even when everyone knew it was a bunch of villains.

And unlike Norman, Ares, and their cronies, you can't really even argue that Bullseye was "getting the tough superheroing jobs done the wrong way" as a Dark Avenger. In his mini, he murders the would-be *victims* of crimes, and then a new crew that happened to see him. In Dark Avengers, he spent all his time threatening to kill his own teammates, and ended the series by strangling the Sentry's wife to death. As far as I can tell, Bullseye was the one team member who never came close to even bothering to pretend he was Avengering.

Heck, on this very board, even the "Norman is actually good" brigade -- Kieran Frost, for one -- were forced to drop that argument when people so much as mentioned that Norman was working with Bullseye. For allt ose reasons and more, even as a Dark Avenger I'm not sure Bullseye really counts. It's like saying someone killed the Hulk: most of the MU, including ost of the Avengers, aren't gonna respond by shrieking "someone killed an Avenger!"

Given that Bullseye's last big public move before his death was killing 100 people with a bomb, it's not hard to see why no one's too upset about what happened there. On the meta level, he probably does need to be rested for a long time...even his "killing DD's girlfriend" shtick was becoming repetitious at this point. (When he does come back, I hope it's because Deadpool arranges to resurrect him.)

Now, if I was talking to pretty much anyone else on this board, I'd probably go into full-on trolling them so hard I'd be unable to regenerate damage inflicted by fire, and dismiss civilians killed by Bullseye as collateral damage, or point out that no-one is innocent and thus they probably had it coming for one reason or another.

But in seriousness, as much as I'm one of the few who insists on counting the Dark Avengers as real Avengers, and also infiltrators and impostors like Terminatrix/AntiVision/Veranke and Loki, but not the "Avengers Resistance", because screw you, Speedball, you're Avengers-History's 2nd Greatest Monster, you have an iron-clad argument that even though Norman is both the hero we need, AND the hero we deserve, Bullseye is indefensible.

That said, the death penalty would be controversial enough, and is something even the worst villains are seldom threatened with, so it's unlikely that even the worst criminal being murdered by an unhinged/crazed/lunatic, demonically-possessed vigilante, would be met with shrugged shoulders and a "good riddance" from the people. Throw in the fact that Bullseye was apparently some kind of mentally ill, and he was one of several members of the team they were trying (and failing) to keep stable through medication, and there'd be all manner of outcry.

If in the real world, there's outcry every time cops kill a criminal, and there was similar outcry over the most infamous terrorist leader of our time being killed, I'm sure in the Marvel Universe, there'd be similar crocodile-tears and hand-wringing over Bullseye's death, even if only in service of a political or anti-vigilante agenda.

On the subject of Bullseye in Dark Avengers, and his threats to kill his team-mates, I loved how, despite the massive power-difference between them, Gargan reacted by telling on him.

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