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Subj: Re: Somewhere along the line, folks forgot what her powers were supposed to be
Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 at 09:57:22 pm EDT (Viewed 16 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Somewhere along the line, folks forgot what her powers were supposed to be
Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 at 02:25:52 pm EDT (Viewed 230 times)


      The Scarlet Witch needs to be brought back to her original power set, probability alteration. She should be able to make unlikely things happen, but unable to make IMPOSSIBLE things happen.

      She should be able to make the Green Goblin's pumpkin bomb go off in his hand before he throws it, or cause it to be a dud. But she shouldn't be able to turn it into a real pumpkin, levitate it out of his reach, or make it disappear.

      I say divorce her from magic entirely. Go back to the old mutant hex powers. Plus, she's most interesting when sometimes she gets an undesirable effect and her hex backfires.

    When might that be? Her earliest appearances (going back to 1960s X-Men) have her doing impossible (not just unlikely) things with her powers: moving things and people, levitating things, having normal things burst into flame, all sorts of electrical manifestations, etc. Causing things to suddenly break apart for no reason other than her will is just as impossible as turning a bomb into a pumpkin.

I guess she's really never been written in action the way her powers have been described theoretically. I mentioned the levitation specifically because I remembered her being shown doing that in those early Brotherhood appearances and even though I was a kid, wondering what that had to do with probability.

There's a huge difference in a probablity hex causing stuff to go wrong in a semi-plausible way, like Iron Man's armor shorting out, as opposed to her turning his armor into aluminum foil, which is impossible.

The writers just need to make an effort for her to be reigned in properly.

    Heck, in Avengers v1 #20, her powers seemed to work telepathically, too, controlling Swordsman's actions (causing him to run smack into a wall--sorry, that doesn't fall into "possible" imo).

Well that's way off from a hex, unless you go with it being possible that he happened to get distracted at the exact right time to run into the wall, a likelihood she increased.

I don't have the issue in front of me to know if that interpretation could fly. Probably not!

    Her original powers were no different than Jean Grey's: telekinesis. Even transmutation is telekinesis.

    Hmm... maybe the problem is telekinesis. After all, telekinesis really is causing the impossible to happen.

Telekinesis isn't possible in the Marvel Universe without a telekinetic there. So if you wanted Wanda to throw somebody into a wall, you'd have to write it correctly. She could cause a bad guy running towards her to trip because a carpet was loose. An unlucky event, but not an impossible one, hex or no hex.

I think the problem is in how the writers view probability. The action she causes ought to have to be possible, just not necessarily likely.

A hex could do something spectacular still, like cause you to get hit by lightning, but there would have to already be a storm happening for there to be any possibility of lighting.

    At any rate, her powers have been this way for far too long for there to be any change. I'd like a Jean Grey without ever worrying about cosmic parrots, but that ain't likely to happen either. The problem really is the fairly sexist way writers tend to handle female characters. All of these extraordinarily powerful menfolk don't seem to have these issues.

I totally agree on that! It's one of my pet peeves. Female characters tend to automatically go crazy any time they achieve a great level of power. It's almost a given.

When it happened to Moonstone a few years ago, who up to that point had been written as an extremely strong-minded person, I threw up my hands in disgust.

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