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Subj: Re: You'd think, wouldn't you? December Solicits
Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2011 at 10:15:04 am EDT (Viewed 137 times)
Reply Subj: Re: You'd think, wouldn't you? December Solicits
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      Speaking of whom...I'm not really seeing the point of having Norman apparently partner up with what's left of HYDRA/HAMMER as the December solicits seem to promise. I suppose they're running with the idea that he knows all sorts of classified info from his government work, but it's really unclear how that will connect with the tattoo-cult story they were setting up in the Spider-books.

    And how does Superia fit in? They're making an effort in Captain America Corps to explain how Superia survived her encounter with the Skull (I wonder if this was written before her appearances in New Avengers and that's why there was no explanation for her reappearance) but I can't see why Superia would join up with Norman- neither of them is really the type to share power with the other.

I will guarantee, based on Bendis's track record, that CA Corps is batting cleanup after the fact. That said, Superia's "death" was hardly any more convincing than those of dozens of other villains left for dead after being zapped, burnt, blown up, and so forth. I'm more annoyed at her fundamental shift in goals and attitudes. She's just a random choice of megalomaniac, and Norman teaming up with her is likely going to make her his lackey. I suppose Bendis is going for an evil counterpart to Maria Hill/Victoria Hand so that he can write the sorts of scenes he did in the first Dark Avengers, as Norman's lunacy exasperates his marginally more together second-in-command.


      I do think it's bizarrely dumb for DD to join the Avengers as if nothing happened. Look at the last time they let in a red-clad superhero with a tendency to go mental and/or be possessed by powerful demonic entities.....

    Well, Matt's not likely to get possessed by the Beast in the near future. That being said, he displayed horrible judgement in joining the Hand. Matt knew that when Elektra tried to infiltrate the Hand, she was tricked into killing her sensei- that should have been a clue that joining the Hand was a bad idea.


DD has developed a worrying tendency to declare himself ruler of a criminal empire of some sort and consequently create messes that endanger others. It happened when he took over Fisk's role as Kingpin to try and eliminate crime in Hell's Kitchen, forcing a band of other heroes to point out what that was doing to the city, and we saw how horribly things went wrong with the Hand. It's like the team is trying to prove Wonder Man's otherwise ludicrous premise correct by finding and inducting the second least mentally stable of all the major crimefighters in New York. (Moon Knight would still be worse...and hey, he's already been an Avenger whose tenure ended somewhat poorly thanks to his own multiple personality/supernatural possession issues.)

Moreover, he's been having pretty regular stress-induced breakdowns and serious identity issues ever since the Born Again storyline, and, depending on how you look at it, perhaps all the way back to his bizarre masquerade as "Mike" Murdock. When Typhoid ruined his life, it happened again. Oddly, before Shadowlands the worst of his breakdowns was the period when he "killed" Matt Murdock, became Jack Batlin, and eventually started having hallucinations before Foggy and Karen managed to find him and talk him down. Guardian Devil and Bendis's run didn't introduce any psychological problems that weren't fairly well-established already.

Part of Matt's problem is that his identity is public, but he insists on pretending it's still sort of secret. Being in the Avengers may help -- villains might think twice about attacking his civilian friends if that means Iron Man or Wolverine taking an interest -- but it could just as well hurt the Avengers -- villains can use Matt Murdock's VERY dubious history against the team and some of the worst Avengers foes can mess with Matt in ways his usual criminal foes can't.

What happens if Kang decides to have Battlin' Jack Murdock angrily confront his son for embracing a life of violence? Or if the evil mystical forces trying to get a chunk of the Sorcerer Supreme's arsenal decide to torment Matt with his indirect responsibility for Heather Glenn's suicide? And while Milla Donovan may be beyond the reach of the Kingpin, she's not beyond the reach of villains like Doctor Doom; consider him offering a cure for her chemically-induced insanity on the condition that Matt betray the team.

As it is, we've seen how talented Norman Osborn is at manipulating others who are mentally unstable. The number he did on the Sentry attests to that. If the Avengers take him along to fight the current threat, is he going to try and become the new Supreme HYDRA? Heck, with the Gorgon there, I'm not sure "not likely to get possessed by the Beast in the near future" is entirely true \:\)

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