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Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 at 07:25:52 pm EDT (Viewed 137 times)
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    Can I be aware of this without having to like it?

Yeah, but at this point Emma's a fixture of the X-Men, and that's not going to change. You don't have to like it, but she has enough support from fans as well as creators that there's no chance of her disappearing.

    I'm going to admit, I have no clue/memory/idea who Rover is/was. The only Marvel characters named "Rover" I can remember are Hank Pym's robot-flying-car-thing from the 1980s, and Hawkeye's dog-boy from his early-1990s miniseries.

The tame pet Sentinel from Here Comes Tomorrow, though his owner was Marrow in WolverToon's dark future.

    I didn't even know that thing was out yet. And it's got the U-Men in it? I thought it was based on the Whedon/Ellis Astonishing X-Men?

It seems to be the self-contained runs of Morrison, Whedon, and Ellis distilled into a single anime. Since most of the other recent X-Books were either entrenched in multi-book continuity or involved the second-stringers, this seems somewhat inevitable.

    I remember reading some of the early issues of that book back in 1994, and Rhodey's been a favourite ever since. And a hero who gunned down the bad guys because it needed to be done, but then felt awful about it, and hoped this would be the last time? I'd never seen anything like it before. Iron Man 2 may not be one of the best Marvel movies, but just seeing War Machine on the big screen was A Big Deal for me.

That's what I loved too-- Rhodey provided the complex middle-ground between the childish absolutism of Spider-Man's no-kill policy, and the disturbing viciousness of characters like the Punisher. There was a great conversation Rhodey had with Hawkeye in that series, where Clint tells Rhodey about how he used to hang out around cop bars to understand the hero mentality, and how he had to learn that being unable to cope with using lethal force could be just as detrimental as enjoying it.

    I'm still so far behind on my reading that I've not even got up to starting the "Iron Man 2.0" series yet (is that name really going to see better than "War Machine"?), but I've not really seen any excitement about the book online, which is sad. I'll support any Rhodey book, but I want it to be a good one.

It's interesting, but very slow-paced. And unlike Invincible Iron Man, it doesn't really use the slow pace to provide soul-crushing angst. It's just kind of off in its tone, and the fact that it was interrupted for a pointless Fear Itself diversion helped.

    I blame Steve Rogers, doping Team Cage's food to keep them in line, and putting horse-tranquilisers in the Avengers Academy coffee to keep Pym and Speedball from flipping out! It's a conspiracy!

So he's like EvilRobotStepdad Ted from Buffy Season Two, doping the cookies to keep them compliant?

    I'm only up to #7 of New Avengers so far, but I'm thinking that Victoria Hand is there to add dissent/conflict/friction with the others. But beyond that, yeah. I think I probably enjoy the banter between Cage/Spidey/Logie and the rest more than anyone else here, and could read them sitting there and talking all day and never wonder when the plot's going to arrive, but yeah, you're right. While during the era between Civil War and Siege, they had an excuse for being reactive, there's not so much excuse anymore for sitting there and waiting for trouble to happen, especially if this team's supposed to be different to the other Avengers.

Yeah, it'd be a better sitcom than a superhero action story.

Oh, and I have a new webcomic up! Check the link.

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