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Subj: My thoughts (for what they are worth)...
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Reply Subj: Return of Alpha Flight with showings for Shaman, Persuasion, Vindicator...
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In Alpha Flight #0.1:
we see Shaman doing quite the multi-tasking with his seeming astral projection 2.0 to possibly embarrass Dr. Strange's skillset:
We see Persuasion lose... her name and go all 'Purple Man' as a more skilled Purple WOman of course:
but we also meet Citadel, some guy with a malleable exo-skeleton grafted on, who embarrasses/pawns Vindicator and Sasquatch:
and Fear Itself seems to have action battles acoming to scrutinize more cool Canadian combatants!

I miss Dan.

The art is both good and bad. For me it's too reminiscent of The Ultimates which I don't think fits the regular MU. Also there are some anatomy, proportions and perspective issues with the art. It's still nice on some levels, though.

As far the book goes, I would have liked to see Vindator ditch those terrible goggles and maybe go for a bold and cool anime-inspired helmet along the lines of Battle of the Planets or like that pilot dude from 80s tv show Starfleet.