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Subj: Quick Write Up....
Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 at 05:46:47 am EDT (Viewed 216 times)
Reply Subj: Bracket A: Joe Fixit (2) VS Rehzon
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Joe Fixit (2) - The Overseers 

Mr. Majestic -- 23
Magneto (No blood tricks) -- 12
Cable(classic) --3 -- Mother Box - 8 pts+ Jade Tiger Amulet - 4 pts; Orb of Ra exposure [give user the powers of Metamorpho] 12 pts
John Stewart -- 1 -- GL ring - 14 pts
Tony Stark(Ultimate) -- 1 -- Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor - 13 pts + Father Box 8 pts + T Spheres 3 pts

-Manhunter Robot -- 14
-OMAC Drone -- 14 

-Detailed knowledge of opponents and items -- 5
-1 months training -- 3
-3 days prep high tech lab -- 4
-3 days on field prep -- 4 
-Kryptonite Power Source for OMAC -- 1

***VERSUS***   Battlefield:  Hoth

Rehzon - JSA-mazing

Dr. Fate (Hector) 23

Sanderson Hawkins 6
-the Soulsword 8pts

-Blue Beetle Sacarab 8

Mr. Terrific (no gear) 1
-Cosmic Control Rod 15 
IM Mark 50 "Endo-Sym Armor" (13pts)

Dr Midnite 1
-the Bloodaxe 15pts

Wildcat 1
-Ultimate Mjolnir

Manhunter Robot 14 pts
-Life Model Decoy 2 pts (Mr. Terrific)
-Life Model Decoy 2 pts (Wildcat)
-Life Model Decoy 2 pts (Doctor Fate)

--12 hours in a high tech lab - 2 pts
--18 hrs. in a Sorcerer's Sanctum - 3 pts
--6 hrs. on field prep - 1 pt.
--1 month training with the Ancient One - 4 pts
--Detailed Knowledge of opponents and their items - 5 pts
--Personality rewrite: Dr Midnight's personality the same. Though the influence of the BA, is that he will use lethal attacks, If necessary to defeat an opponent. 3 pts

Good luck to you Rehzon. 

Now on to the battle:

Prep: I have a fairly significant prep advantage. 3 days in a high tech lab plus 3 days on field in addition to the prep we are already given.  He has given Mr. Terrific Iron Man's endo-sym armor. Since my team has detailed knowledge, Ultimate Tony will know everything there is to know about the Iron Man Endo-Sym armor that Mr. Terrific wears. While he isn't 616 Tony, he is the next best thing to have on your side when it comes to using his knowledge to exploit any potential weaknesses in an Iron Man armor. He'll also have Majestic by his side to work with him on the task of exploiting the armor. As always Majestic will use his knowledge of the opposing team to speed build weapons alongside Tony to use against them. He's already proven all he needs are nanoseconds in order to invent a device to use as a weapon during a fight. Imagine what he can do with 3 days prep in a high tech lab. I won't post very many Majestic pics/feats here as I have already done that several times over   \:\-D  

Numbers: My team starts off with a 7 to 6 numbers advantage. I don't really count his LMDs because they will be cannon fodder for Magneto. Of course, the Manhunter robot will soon follow the LMDs to the recycle bin. 

Vulnerability to Magneto's metal manipulation: Mjolnir is vulnerable to Magneto's powers, so unless otherwise shown, there is no reason to think that Ultimate Mjolnir,  the Bloodaxe, the Soulsword, and perhaps even the Cosmic Control Rod wouldn't be vulnerable as well. If the user is separated from the Bloodaxe for more than 60 seconds they revert to mortal form, so that's always a possibility. Isn't Fate's Helmet metal? If so, Magneto could potentially separate him from his helmet, severely weakening him. As I said earlier, Rehzon's Manhunter robot and LMDs will be destroyed by Magneto almost as soon as the fight starts. So early on my numbers advantage goes from 7 to 6 to a 7 to 5 advantage. 


Hoth is an ice planet, but like any other planet, it has a magnetic field for Magneto to draw power from. The rocky snow covered terrain likely has metals dispersed within it, so the land itself is Magneto's to manipulate. 

There's a human inside each OMAC and most of Rehzon's team would likely hold back against one due to this fact. 

The scans Rehzon provided of Majestic and the Wildcats vs Tapestry are a bit misleading. Tapestry had time to prepare for her fight with the Wildcats and the prep was one sided. She took the Wildcats by surprise. The prep is not one sided here. My team knows exactly what they're going up against in Dr. Fate and the rest of Rez's team, so catching my team unawares is unlikely.  

The following pic shows what happens when Majestic is prepared to take on a magic user. The narration states that "Magicians on both sides tremble as Majestic's fervor allows him to shrug off incantations that would topple giants. This is unknown, but his bravery and intensity are a familiar legend, one they never expected to find alive and fighting by their side. It's a sight they'll never forget." So a potential match up of Majestic vs. Dr. Fate is by no means a mismatch. It would likely favor Majestic b/c he has much more prep time. He is a dangerous opponent anyway, but he's proven that his tactical mind and genius intellect make him even more dangerous when he has time to prepare. 


Majestic speed blitzes a bunch of Daemonites. Rehzon's team can't come close to his speed. He could potentially take the Cosmic Control Rod away from Mr. Terrific before he knows whats happening. 

Since my team has a numbers advantage, I'd imagine it wouldn't be difficult for Majestic to use his super speed and take the Cosmic Control Rod from Mr. Terrific while he's distracted due to taking on more than one opponent.
Invisible Woman takes the Cosmic Control Rod from Blastaar while he's distracted fighting Human Torch.

Demonstrating high durability, Majestic tanks a nuclear explosion, no prob. 

Again, context matters. The scan from Dreamwar that Rehzon posted shows Raven catching Majestic completely off guard. Again in this scenario, Majestic didn't know what he was walking into; however, in this fight he has detailed knowledge, 3 days in a lab prep and 3 days on field to prepare, so taking him down in a via surprise attack will prove much more difficult. 

The scans he posted of Iron Man in the Endo-Sym armor actually seem to favor my team as it appears Magneto had no trouble affecting that armor, regardless of whatever adaptability it may have. 

Additionally the scan he posted of 616 Tony having some anti magnetic defenses doesn't hold much water. More recently Tony has proven he can't completely protect himself from Magneto manipulating his armor unless his armor is not composed of any metal, as in Avengers vs. X-men. 
These pics from Avengers vs. X-men show Iron Man in a non metal armor fighting Magneto. Even still Magneto was on the cusp of victory, stating that he grows stronger even as Stark grows weaker. He was drawing power from not just Earth's magnetic field, but as his narration states, every planet within reach. Magneto ends up losing this fight, but only because he became distracted as he felt the destruction of a planet by the Phoenix force and he admits he suddenly realized how pointless the battle was. 
Basically my point here is to show that even a prepped Iron Man in a non metal armor couldn't beat Magneto without Magneto becoming distracted due to the planetary destruction the Phoenix force was causing.
There is no reason to believe Mr. Terrific will fare any better as it has been shown the Endo-Sym Armor can be affected by Magneto. Additionally the numbers game works out in my favor so Mr. Terrific will likely be facing a double team. 

Ultimate Tony Stark will integrate the Father Box with his armor which will increase his armor's overall power, effectiveness and sensitivity allowing him to predict his opponent's moves and counter them like 616 Tony did in JLA/Avengers. 


Tony can use the T-Spheres modified during prep in various ways as they have proven to be pretty versatile. Perhaps he uses it to imprison his opponent in a stasis field that has shown capable of hurting Captain Nazi. Mr. Terrific has used them in such a way. If he will, Ultimate Tony will have no qualms about it. Tony could creates neural dampeners to KO his opponents. He could use them as projectile weapons, shoot energy  blasts or bolts of electricity, or even create gravity fields. The possibilities are endless. He could have them attuned to his Bleeding Edge Armor and use them to scout the battlefield and have an early warning system to detect the opposing team, so that my team can act accordingly. With the addition of the Father Box enabling him to predict the opponent's moves combined with John Stewart's military background and Majestic's thousands of years of fighting experience as a Kheran warlord,  my team will have a significant tactical advantage before and during the fight.

Sanderson Hawkins dons the Blue Beetle armor, which puts him at a pretty sizable disadvantage considering I have John Stewart among my team's ranks. The Scarab tends to go crazy when a Green Lantern is in close proximity. John has years of experience with his ring, while Sanderson will only have 1 month to learn to use the Scarab. If they end up matching up, it's advantage John. John's willpower and skill with the ring dwarfs anything Sanderson can do with the Scarab. Sanderson also has the Soulsword, but he'd have to get in close to use it on John and John won't make that easy, especially considering he'll have prior knowledge of it. Sand may not even have the Soulsword at this point if Magneto is able to use his powers pull it from his grasp. If Sand is able to hold onto the sword, then Mags uses his power to repeatedly hurl Sanderson into the mountains of Hoth. 




Despite their weaponry and power, Dr Midnite and Wildcat have no protection against the Cable's ability to transmute himself into any element he chooses, particularly, gas. If knockout gas can effect 616 Thor, I see no reason why it wouldn't KO Midnite and Wildcat. Even though Dr. Fate's physical form is highly durable thanks to Nabu's power, he is still vulnerable to gas attacks. It probably wouldn't be difficult for Cable to telekinetically remove Fate's Helmet either. 


This is an old pre crisis occurrence, but it shows Fate can be stopped by something as simple as gas. 

 While his team also has detailed knowledge of mine, Cable obviously included....I did not draft Uber Cable. I drafted meta level Cable and had him use the Mother Box to heal himself of the T-O virus during training, thereby transforming him into Uber Cable. His team will have no clue they are about to face this high powered version of Cable and will be caught completely unawares.

Rehzon tries to make a case that I won't have Uber Cable because it was Deadpool's healing factor that cured Cable of the T-O virus. However as I have stated and demonstrated before with scans, the Mother Box has been used to heal people such as Darkseid and Superman at an incredible rate and essentially acts as a healing factor. It even saved Darkseid from certain death after he took a beating from Hunter/Prey Doomsday and Superman remarked at how quickly Darkseid recovered thanks to Mother Box's power.  I can provide those scans again if necessary.  Mother Box draws it's power from The Source so it's power and usage has proven pretty versatile. The power of The Source supercedes that of a techno organic virus. Not only can Mother Box be used for healing, but also matter and energy manipulation purposes. It can manipulate matter at the atomic level. It should have little trouble purging Cable of the T-O virus enabling him to reach his full power. 

Mother Box manipulates atoms in order to change Orion's facial appearance

His team has zero defense against Uber Cable's psi power. Now with the addition of the Orb of Ra giving him the powers of MetaMorpho, Cable may not even need to use the Mother Box to heal himself anymore b/c the T-O virus should be utterly and completely removed from his body due to the transformation at the atomic level thanks to the Orb of Ra. So now you have an Uber Cable that is nigh impossible to hurt and can transmute himself into virtually anything. 



He'll also be able to form weapons to use during the battle.


Uber Cable can also use his Mother Box for various purposes such as creating more weapons to bring to the fight like Superman did against Hunter/Prey Doomsday or he could Boom tube his opponents away from the battle. The Mother Boxes are pretty versatile after all. He can also use his own power to BFR an opponent. 

Uber Cable BFR his opponent to the moon. He could do something similar to some members of Rehzon's team. Even if they can travel back to the fight using their items, it will take valuable time, time that my team will use to their advantage. 



Cable blocks the impact of 247 missiles and funnels the energy out of the atmosphere. 

Using his TK to construct and build on a massive scale



 How's Mr. Terrific going to use the Cosmic Control Rod if Cable attacks his mind and hacks his nervous system?  Mr. Terrific is not ruthless and certainly not a killer. He does believe in "Fair Play" after all. Even if he has a chance to use the Cosmic Control rod before Cable hacks his mind or someone else takes it from him(i.e. Magneto, Majestic, etc.), he will probably be somewhat limited in his use of it due to his mindset and morality. 

Cable demonstrating planetary level telepathy

Disintegrating a rocket launcher. He could probably do the same to Mr. Terrific's Endo-Sym armor. 

Using TK to block Cyclop's optic blasts

This is meta level Cable demonstrating his skill by taking out Colossus with his telepathy and TK


As you can see there are many ways my team can win. The numbers game works out in my favor shortly after the fight starts largely thanks to Magneto. Double teams will inevitably ensue and my team will press this advantage and eventually win.

Vote Joe Fixit \:\-D

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