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Subj: Vote Rehzon
Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 at 12:27:37 pm EDT (Viewed 231 times)
Reply Subj: Write up.. And match ups.
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Joe Fixit (2) - The Overseers

Mr. Majestic -- 23
Magneto (No blood tricks) -- 12
Cable(classic) --3 -- Mother Box - 8 pts+ Jade Tiger Amulet - 4 pts; Orb of Ra exposure [give user the powers of Metamorpho] 12 pts
John Stewart -- 1 -- GL ring - 14 pts
Tony Stark(Ultimate) -- 1 -- Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor - 13 pts + Father Box 8 pts + T Spheres 3 pts

-Manhunter Robot -- 14
-OMAC Drone -- 14

-Detailed knowledge of opponents and items -- 5
-1 months training -- 3
-3 days prep high tech lab -- 4
-3 days on field prep -- 4
-Kryptonite Power Source for OMAC -- 1

***VERSUS*** Battlefield: Hoth

Rehzon - JSA-mazing

Dr. Fate (Hector) 23

Sanderson Hawkins 6
-the Soulsword 8pts
-Blue Beetle Sacarab 8

Mr. Terrific (no gear) 1
-Cosmic Control Rod 15
IM Mark 50 "Endo-Sym Armor" (13pts)

Dr Midnite 1
-the Bloodaxe 15pts

Wildcat 1
-Ultimate Mjolnir

Manhunter Robot 14 pts
-Life Model Decoy 2 pts (Mr. Terrific)
-Life Model Decoy 2 pts (Wildcat)
-Life Model Decoy 2 pts (Doctor Fate)

--12 hours in a high tech lab - 2 pts
--18 hrs. in a Sorcerer's Sanctum - 3 pts
--6 hrs. on field prep - 1 pt.
--1 month training with the Ancient One - 4 pts
--Detailed Knowledge of opponents and their items - 5 pts
--Personality rewrite: Dr Midnight's personality the same. Though the influence of the BA, is that he will use lethal attacks, If necessary to defeat an opponent. 3 pts

The scans of Iron-Man vs Magneto Joe posted are of Magneto at EM Spectrum level/Blood Tricks level. Increasing the scan size of those scans reveals Magneto stops fighting because his power level was enough that his energy manipulation was killing near by planets:

Not the Magneto level in this tournament. This one is:

Remember Mr. Terrific has prep details on Magneto's energy frequency. to the fight expecting it.

Also the Cosmic Control Rod's energy transmutation:

Classic Thor When ready for Magneto:

Dr. Midnite has the Bloodaxe:

Magneto is at a disadvantage with no metal on Hoth. In the scans below, Stark is snuck by Magneto, but the armor quickly adapts to magnetism:

Mr. Terrific:

Besides, Magneto isn't getting past Blue Beetle:
>" />

Dr. Fate vs Cable/Metamorpho:

Cable, but not "Uber" Cable. "In the weeks that followed, the techno-organic virus returned in Nate's system, having been too tightly bonded to his DNA to ever truly be gone. And yet, Cable's powers and his control over them had grown so much that inhibiting the virus now took up only the smallest fraction of his psychic power, barely limiting him at all. In fact, his powers were growing too strong and Cable recognized that sometime soon they would become too much for his body to contain, killing him. He began to ponder what sort of legacy he could leave the world... how to truly use his awesome power in the best possible way before it (and he) were gone."
Cable's psi level was growing 'Uber' level in that story and a "fraction" was enough to keep the techno virus in check. The virus was not holding his growing psi potential back at all. Being infected with the facade virus made the TO killer crazy, so Deadpool's dna got rid of it restoring the TO to normal control. What good's a Motherbox without the Cable's growing psionic level in that story? You didn't choose Cable from the Cable/Deadpool story, you chose earlier "Classic" version.

"Nathan's T-O infection reverted back to his control." Cable still had his techno parts when his psi/tk were amped. Though if a MB can totally heal/cure.. wouldn't Cable end up mortal?

Cable has Metamorpho's power..
Hoth is deserted and if the weather is cold and windy like in the film, doesn't really favor some of Metamorpho's abilities.

Cable has any form of psi, Endo-Sym defense:

He also posts a scan of Pre Crisis Kent Nelson (who was using the half Helm at the time)
and not usual full Helm:

to say the Dr Fate (Hector) I've chosen here:
would be effected by some gas? \:\) Besides the fact Hector also has prep and details? \:\)

In his scan of Thor dropping to gas - is it normal or magical? Not that it matters, considering Terrific can hook teammates up with Endo-Sym T-Masks.

Dr. Fate would turn the Metamorpho powers against him:
Weather control:

Either Majestic or John Stewart vs either Dr. Midnite or Wildcat.
Dr. Midnite with Bloodaxe:
"--Personality rewrite: Dr Midnight's personality the same. Though the influence of the BA, is that he will use lethal attacks, If necessary to defeat an opponent. 3 pts"

Majestic is a genius in tech building and strategy, but also likes the challenge of a straight-up combat:

The fights with those four go on awhile. And since Dr. Fate & Blue Beetle have won their fights quicker, they come in to back Wildcat & Dr. Midnite.

Unlike his scan of Majestic surprise blitzing wizards somewhere, Dr Fate has detailed knowledge of him, and wouldn't be a sitting duck:
Some precog:

Were the magic users Majestic faced uber or low level spellcasters? We don't know, but Majestic effected by strong enough magic it seems, and Dr. Fate has had 18 hours magical prep:" />" />" />" />" />
He can then bfr Majestic, like so:

Mr. Terrific Endo-Sym + CCR + Endo-Spheres + Automatons vs Ultimate Stark Bleeding Edge + Fatherbox + T-Spheres:

Stark has T-Spheres- Mr. Terrific created them, through Endo-Sym nanotechnology, creates better ones:

T-Mask: He is invisible to all forms of electronic detection. This ability is tied to nanotechnology woven into his specially designed "T-Mask" (which is molecular-bonded to his face and can disappear at will) and costume.
Mister Terrific was apparently the only super-hero whom the OMACs could not detect. His mask also protects his face from chemicals and relays mental commands to his T-Spheres by detecting the subtle movements on his face.
The mask works in conjunction with an ear piece to acts as a communications system. Through his mask, Holt can change instantaneously into costume and back again.
Holt's mask also doubles as a encephalic broadcaster, picking up aggregate thought-waves, allowing him to communicate with his T-Spheres and even project a speaking hologram of himself, even if he is injured or too weak to speak.

ES is alive, has consciousness, will, and immune to empty, so no hacking:

U-Stark has a fatherbox. Bios sstate it was created to influence Orion to the side of Darkseid. How would that effect Stark?

End-Sym powered by the Cosmic Control Rod powerwise > Bleeding Edge + Fatherbox. A Motherbox burnt out after opening a few boomtubes and healing Superman from Doomsday attacks:
So Endo-Sym & Cosmic Control Rod attacks, burn it out too.

Unlike Annihilus and Blastaar, Terrific won't have it out and around his neck \:\) it be in the armor. Johnny Storm had it strapped to his arm:

CCR vs Gladiator:

Matching Jane Thor:

End Sym protection from attacking armors:

The Scarab panicked encountering Guy Gardner GL. But that was also with a young host he just met, who had just received it and had no combat experience. But later experienced, was cool vs an opponent with yellow ring:

Sand will have had a month of training with it. Sand and the Scarab would likely go after easier targets like Cable/Metamorpho or Magneto, unless working in combination with the Manhunter robot:

Sandman construct and soldier decoys:

Mini quake:


Rehzon makes some compelling points. Especially about the Mother Box healing Cable of that virus. Joe has used examples of the Mother Box healing Darkseid and Superman as reason enough that his Cable would be healed of that virus that limits his powers. What Joe has failed to realize is, the Mother Box only healed Darkseid and Superman's "physical" injuries. Darkseid was beaten by Doomsday, Superman's arm was broken. There is no proof a mother box can actually heal a virus, which is completely different than a physical injury.

Rehzon is onto something in his reasoning with the Mother Box as well and his other points.

My vote is for Rehzon.

It's interesting that a hero/villain performs one amazing feat, or use a power they haven't used for 20+ years, and that automatically propels them to a high status despite scans and evidence to the contrary. I don't know what is worse, selective feat picking that has only been done once or twice 20, or more, years ago or ignoring evidence from scans or the lack thereof. We need to stop putting our favorite heroes/villains on pedestals and start putting them where they really belong. But it's evident that people never will because they would rather accuse others of cherry picking feats, when they don't, and being 'morally superior' when they aren't. I guess being honest and as fair as possible only opens one up to being the target of childish accusations and fault finding by those who insist on acting petty and childish. What happened to a good debate between two civil, mature, adults?
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