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Subj: Re: But that never made sense to me...
Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 at 08:04:03 am EDT (Viewed 134 times)
Reply Subj: Re: But that never made sense to me...
Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 at 12:48:09 am EDT (Viewed 131 times)


      We know Magneto doesn't use blood tricks that often, but is there a version of Magneto -- who's not depowered in some way -- who isn't capable of using blood tricks if he wants to? He could use them as far back as the '70s at least, so it certainly wasn't a late addition to his powerset.

      And if pretty much all powered versions of Magneto are capable of using blood tricks, then what are you actually drafting when you specify Magneto with no blood tricks? It seems to me you're essentially attempting to draft modern Magneto with a personality rewrite, as opposed to a version that actually existed.

      Magneto is regularly drafted as a PM, but he's more often specified as "classic" Magneto in those cases, rather than Magneto with no blood tricks. And that makes more sense to me, as classic Magneto is a version that did actually exist in the comics.

    I believe it was Hercules he used blood tricks on back in the day. I've seen Magneto listed both ways drafted as a PM. Early on he was able to manipulate Earth's magnetic field for various effects such as moving magma beneath the ground and causing volcanic eruptions or causing earthquakes in cities. The large objects he lifts via metal manipulation aren't anything a top end brick PM couldn't lift. Even in the late 80s with no blood tricks he stalemated an inexperienced cosmic Spider-Man. He's always been pretty formidable even without the blood tricks, but also viewed and taken as a PM. He can still be somewhat limited by the amount of metal in a given area though. Barring any blood tricks how would he fare against say..... Hercules? It could go either way. I'll agree blood tricks Mags is lower end herald, but Magneto with no blood tricks is a PM IMO, but you obviously don't view him that way and that's fine. I don't appreciate the insinuation that I'm trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes though. It just feels like the power and effectiveness of my team is being purposefully down played.

I made the same argument against the "Magneto with no blood tricks" designation in 2014, so it's not something I came up with just to be difficult here. The views I expressed on this subject back then are the same views I hold now.

To be clear, I didn't mean to suggest you were trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. When I used the word "you" in the middle paragraph of my previous reply, I meant it in a general sense, rather than you personally. I.e. anyone who drafts Magneto with no blood tricks is essentially trying to get modern Magneto with a personality tweak (same thing I argued back in 2014).

And the notion of drafting Magneto with blood tricks is similarly questionable -- does it follow that he'll definitely use blood tricks in every fight if you draft him that way, even though he doesn't in the comics? We don't generally employ this practice with other characters, so I'm not sure why it's done with Magneto. Could I draft a version of Thor who'd definitely use the Godblast, for example? Or a version of Superman who'd definitely speedblitz? Or would I be expected to take my chances with those characters, based on their existing track records? The latter is what usually applies.

My opinion is that modern Magneto is a Low-Planetary/Herald level character, one class down from the likes of Superman and Thor, irrespective of whether he's specifically using blood tricks or not. Yes, tossing an aircraft carrier wouldn't be beyond PM-level Hercules, but despite having only one power on paper, modern Magneto is nowhere near as one-dimensional as Herc in practice.

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