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Subj: most effective or not most powerful...there is a difference...
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Reply Subj: Most effective at different levels
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Try not to custom build these, e.g. Captain America without shield as a street, regular versions only.

Best street - Batman?
Best meta - Cyclops?
Best enhanced meta - Thunderstrike?
Best prime meta - Supergirl (Linda)?
Best herald - Sodam Yat?
Best teambuster - Thanos?
Best skyfather - Odin? Do the Vishanti count? A celestial?

So I'll take it to mean 'best all arounder'. There might be a few streets that are stronger than Batman, for instance, so they might be more powerful...or some that are better in straight up fighting (the top end fighter in each respective universe maybe), but its hard to argue that any street blends straight out combat ability with his detective work, tactical ability, gadgets, etc. to be overall more effective in a wide variety of other words, there might be a few guys who are better in certain situations, but they won't be as good in most other situations.

Best street - Batman
Its hard to argue against Batman, but I'm going to try to get some different picks...
Some arguments could be made for guys like Green Arrow, with better offensive firepower and versatility with his arrows, but in general, its as I said above...Bats is better all around, with the only possible exception for the first few issues after GA underwent NATAS training, which was later forgotten about, and then New 52 happened...
Someone like Conan could also be a contender.

I'm going to go with Daredevil. His radar sense most don't think bumps him into the meta category, and he's really, really impressive. I think he's a close match for Batman, but frankly, its hard to pick a better Street level than the bat.

Or Mr. Terrific...he's pretty awesome also...Mr. Terrific or Daredevil

Meta: I guess this depends on where you think meta stops. Cyclops is good, but I always considered him a 'typical' meta pick...a good pick, but not likely the top end of the level. Is Dazzler meta...if so, IMO she's a better pick despite his better combat capability, because her top end was so absurd, but maybe that makes her more than meta.

Spidey is an EM, but there was a time when he was considered a meta, but eventually the consensus was that his different powers combined to make him 'more' than just a meta. How strong can you be as a brick and still be 'meta'? USAgent is certainly meta at 10, but is he top end? probably not. So, its tough, because I find meta to be the toughest level to define...

So, I'll go with Dove, Dawn Granger, immediately after
absorbing the essence of a lord of order. She may have been
EM though, tough to say, but her physical stats weren't
that impressive...about class 1 with flight, but then an
ability like Karnak to sense weaknesses, and an ability like
Midnighter's fight implants (really it was the same ability
that saw the 'order' in any game plan, structure, etc)

EM: I'd say Carol Danvers during the Warbird era, when it wasn't yet
established that she could get back to binary type levels through
absorption. She was versatile, probably at levels above meta
on individual powers, but not enough to justify her as a PM, but
a good class 50 flying brick with EP at about the same level.
Since then, I think she's more powerful, and is now PM, but
for several years, she was the perfect EM IMO.

PM: I still think PM's are VERY powerful, and I think a good argument
can be made for Dr. Strange to be one...IMO like a herald leveller
without strength or durability...he, Graviton, Magneto are all
great picks. Also high end Green Lanterns (in 2005 I'd have still
called them herald level, but not after the last 10+ years...
I think they started moving downhill after the Nail, which was
out of continuity, but showed even Hal not able to deal with
a kryptonian Jimmy Olsen, even with help...after Superman had been
previously downed by John Stewart and Big Barda (each individually)

I'm going to go with Doom though...classically I'd have put him
as a high EM, but now he tends to use both magic and tech
which makes him versatile enough to take on anyone.

So...Doom or Dr. Strange (if allowed)...even if allowed Strange
I might pick Doom.

Herald: I'm going to surprise everyone and take long as I
can take him from the Simonson run. He showed then that he
could take on Darkseid 1 on 1, and he showed fighting skills
while asleep and while blind that are among the best showings I've
seen in comics, and with Astro Force as well, he's versatile
enough that he can handle most anything.

Sodam Yat is tough for me, because I think he was probably a
teambuster. Yes, the ring only gave him equivalent power
at best to someone like Surfer from an EP perspective...but
stacking kryptonian durability with the ring, and still having
that kind of versatility and power output probably puts him over

Teambuster: Another instance where its hard to go against Thanos...
there might be others that might be more powerful (or not), but
to combine his level of power with his brain... the Stranger a teambuster or skyfather?

Best meta - Cyclops?
Best enhanced meta - Thunderstrike?
Best prime meta - Supergirl (Linda)?
Best herald - Sodam Yat?
Best teambuster - Thanos?
Best skyfather - Odin? Do the Vishanti count? A celestial?

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