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Subj: Re: Iron Age #2: Not much...
Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 at 02:10:34 pm EDT (Viewed 919 times)
Reply Subj: Iron Age #2: Consistently better
Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 at 07:32:16 am EDT (Viewed 543 times)

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It's old-fashioned, ball-bearings to the wall superhero ACTION. I have missed this so much.

Also: the nose knows!

Possibly, taken in a light-hearted vain it was better than if one did not. Unfortunately didn't do that and so, did not find it better -per se- although yes, the old-fashioned action and nostalgia were very pleasant.

Iron Age #2 of3

IRON MAN and PowerMan & IronFist:

-remember to have suit on and bag for mid air falls
-neat EVITA topical reference
-neat JJJ/DB fearmongering reference
-was Times Square spruced up in our real world from the other reference??
-was that vodka billboard smash from an actual story??
-Wing's haircolor is sadly wrong
=so, Rhodey as IM made a deal with Nightwing to relocate a missing Stark prototype held back from the Stane overthrow seems an odd/forced sideplot
-very curious if old PM&IF issues had busines hours on their door
-new fact that 30 people were injured during his (one?) drunken flight
-nice to see Ms Royce and IF's intuition and fingerprinting skill
-topical (silly random) reference placing his drunk age arc ONLY one year before CW
-missed oppurtunity relating any detail about Misty's arm being Starktech. THe only tidbit is that she got it before his drunk age arc
-good to see Phineas wasnt dumb and used the name Henry
-Tinkerer and Scorpion seems like a fair retcon choices OTTOMH
-good that Stark didnt run from a fight
-is PROCAINE real?
-UGH. Tinkerer going blasting in public to beat Cage's address out of Harlem populace was so disappointly out of character. Besides, didnt he just live at his public office or wouldnt anyone just give his adress if asked? UGH.
-after the fight for some reason Tony saw fit to fiddle more with history and help Rhodey locate the prototype. He then goes back to the shop and recovers the time machine piece off panel. Next steals Stane's money and pays the H4H. An then leisurely walks to an alley for an expected chronal jump. Is this right? Not to mention he did not don the armor knowing from this very story the possibility of being dropped thru the timedoor mid-air from a dangerous height

IRON MAN and HumanTorch:

-really not crazy everytime somebody uses just a gauntlet or bootjet independantly, despite precident, when the weaponry sure be part of a fully integrated system and have safety protocols when disassembled
-Tony doesnt recognize Doomtech during the Iron Nose Age, hmmm...
-looked up GORT. Neat movie reference
-pathetic latch on his armor briefcase
-fun Doom/Stark exchanges but, boy, is Doom dumb here being fooled and leaving a guantlet behind
-UGH. That activation of the guantlet with shoe: Dumbest. Escape. Ever.
-Secret Identities Club has been seen since, right?
-WHAT is so bad about the nose?
-thoughtful Torch/IM exchanges
-Tony makes a funny JOKE about beating Thor to impress a dame
-nice POV detail to show present Tony thinks future Tony is a whacko having been bothered by other impersonators
-so, Doom is smart enough to build a TIMEENGINE, also, but Tony is not? Not happy with this plot device
-nb. Doom escaped from 270,000,000B.C. before his next chronological appearance
-so, even Johnny is smart enough to figure out the TIMEENGINE to fly it. Huh, but Tony cant figure how to use it to fight Birch
-its oddly more important that Tony go to change out of the disgusting Nose helmet and allow Torch to gather the pieces to save the future
-and once again he wants to tell a heroe he meets about their future status and once again he leaves it til the last minute only to be too late. Sheesh

Dont forget an open invite to discuss Luke and Danny at the H4H MB:

Still missing Dan...

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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