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Subj: Re: As of FEAR ITSELF #3?
Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 at 12:08:25 am EDT (Viewed 326 times)
Reply Subj: As of FEAR ITSELF #3?
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As of Fear #3...

    - Sin = Skadi Herald of the Serpent
    - Juggernaut = Kuurth Breaker of Stone
    - Hulk = Nul Breaker of Worlds
    - Titania = Skirn Breaker of Men
    - Absorbing Man = Greithoth Breaker of Wills
    - Attuma = Nerkkod Breaker of Oceans
    - Grey Gargoyle = Mokk Breaker of Faith
    - Thing = Angrir Breaker of Souls

Red Skull is retconned to have gotten hold of some Asgardian superhammer somehow in WWII and he stashed it away not doing anything with it for whatever reason - maybe to develop a Supersoldier/Infinity formula mixture [for Fury to do nothing about for years for whatever reason].

Red Skull goes and dies -for now- and his daughter Sin takes the hammer that summons The Serpent that transforms her into Weirdname/identity #1 and one of 'em summons SEVEN more hammers from outerspace and not Asgard dimensional space.

Odin is retconned to have had some big encounter with The Serpent ages ago that nobody in Asgard rightly recalls but are willing to blindly follow him but only because he is their All-Father and theyre all sheep - except Thor and Loki.

Commander Rogers of the Unnamed Security Agency and few World authorities saw the (apparently) superhammers coming and no one on Earth made attempt to intercept with any resources - because they were THAT unstoppabel and/or fast.

The 7 superhammers hit Earth within a very small time frame of each other - or not. They were targetted (conveniently?) near The Worthy were and were taken up only by those seven (predetermined?) wielders who alone could gain Asgardian-level powers and their own Weirdname/identity.

A lot of citizens saw the streaking crashes and news crews got landfall footage of some. This caused some FEAR to start with environmental damage from striking down. At some point the news started to blowing this out of preportion or accurately reporting it as an attack on Earth.

PRESUMABLY at this point -or not- Rogers dispatched Avengers to some -or all- the seven sites before the superhammers were taken up. The Worthy concurrently took their weapon and transformed within a very small time frame of each other - or not. The Worthy started wreaking havoc and destruction in nearby populated areas. Someone deduced -or maybe just the readers were told- that their mission is to raze the path they take to go to The Serpent. Rogers simultaneously called for American superhuman youth to help with the aftermath pillaging in the USA.

At this point -or maybe all along- an aura or somesuch is causing everyone -or only those that the story requires- are full of FEAR to an unmanagable degree - or not. This FEAR has affected Spider-man and other superheroes -or only those that the story requires- too.
So far Weirdname Sin faced a pitiful 3 or 4 superheroes tried to stop Blitzkrieg in D.C. but it was some Joe Schmoe that ended that crisis that is most memorable.
So far Weirdname Gargoyle only Iron Man tried to stop everyone from getting stoned in Paris but failed and some loser Detroit Steel clumsily went to France before anyother help but pathetically failed.
So far Weirdname Attuma decimated the utopian Atlanteans and Namor is really, really, really scared now.
So far Weirdname Thing, while the FF might be twiddling their thumbs, trashes up Yancy Street, NYC and Avengers Tower and the Rulk is probably dead - but probably not.
So far Weirdname Juggernaut broke The Raft -though not as bad as it looked- and all the big bad escaped -though the TBolts have the little bad corralled.
So far Weirdname Hulk is in South America and only 3 or 4 American heroes are trying to stop him including Red She-Hulk who may -or may not- still have the hots for him.
So far Weirdname Crusher and Titania are facing War Machine... but who really cares about them [actually havent read it yet].
So far Speedball is revisiting the FEAR - from the Civil War crossover.
So far Deadpool is having fun with Walrus.
So far the Misplaced Man-Thing is having a field day burning innocents.

As of Fear Itself: Spider-Man #2, TWO DAYS have passed and Spidey has taken a break from Avengering in this crisis. This issue may or may not line up with the current main Fear Itself out. This suggests that 48 hours -or close to it- of rampaging and Rogers reaction squads have been going on. And its taken Loki all this time to free Thor from being sent to his room by a Mad Odin.

What else is missing here? PLEASE feel free to clarify/correct any/all of this. Or post any link where someone has annotated an actual timecard schedule to make Fear Itself more palatable as a shared crossover reading?

So far no Black Panther or Dracula or Xmen...

Still missing my brother...

Thanks for the recap. I was sort of wondering what was going on when the story (finally) crossed over into the two books I read (Avengers Academy and Thunderbolts).

I didn't mind the crossover(s) but I'm not interested in buying any other Fear Itself comics. I'm a little burned out on the crossovers.

Thanks again.