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Subj: Meanwhile in Fear Itself: THE HOME FRONT #3...
Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 at 01:43:36 pm EDT (Viewed 297 times)
Reply Subj: Re: As of FEAR ITSELF #3?
Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 at 12:08:25 am EDT (Viewed 316 times)

    Thanks for the recap. I was sort of wondering what was going on when the story (finally) crossed over into the two books I read (Avengers Academy and Thunderbolts).

Your welcome! For you anyone else interested:

Meanwhile in...

Fear Itself: The Home Front #3


It just came out. Here's someone else's review:

Here's mine:


-This had all the meat of the issue and reason the issue was (just) okay. With admirable attempts to present it as a true crossover by linking concurrent events.
-Sharpe continues to become human and backtrack on the stereotype psychotic citizen that suffered a traumatic loss in CW. She is more respectable than all the citizens and one of the only not crippled by FEAR. Next thing you know she will be making a guest appearance in Iron Man after FI to apologize for spitting (or was it slapping?) Tony in the face back then. Though threatening Robbie at gunpoint to 'do the right thing' was still a little crazywoman.
-Kudos for actually noting that Avengers Academy and Secret Avengers had a more direct crossover that even those titles failed to acknowledge.
-Actually using an Identicard is a welcome/logical detail. Ditto using the magic door - though the changing door physical appearance just means more work is needed on nailing down consistency with usage of (those damn) magic doors.
-Showing a tank(army presence) and a Roxxon gas sign which were nice Easter Eggs that enhance the layout choice of the Salem street splash.
-Never was crazy about the explanation/retention of the Penance (vague-ish) powers so Speedball creatively using his original powers was a clever way to stop the Unstoppable Jugg-Breaker. Probably Robbie notifies the hammer-weilder's path in next month's Avengers Academy.
-It was a relief to see that this town didnt clichely start swinging pitchforks at Robbie in protest of the destruction.
-nb: Good to know. Though, kinda FEAR this will prove to be a intriguing but generally ignored concept outside this mini. Also, it was oddly unclear how/why he stored in in his (liquid-gel?) bubble belt.
-Curious if there are 100s of Jocasta bodies, how is it she cant send some of 'em out into the field even if they are only remoted controlled?
-Curious why Speedball wouldnt just stick with Juggs; but at least readers get a comprehensive variety by sending him to Atts location.
-nb: Not good to know, going in #4 or #7 Steve has only been shown with the ragtag main team support shown in issue #1. Not that we have even seen PM&IF or Hawk&Mock yet AFAIK. The one missed opp here wouldve been for Speedball to confirm that the Academy Instructors (him, Pym, Pietro, Justice and Tigra) ARE OFFICIAL full team members which the shared planning of the Editors did not allow here.


Not enjoying this chapter of the title at all. Liking Woo less and less as a character. Namora takes all issue to give the predictable reaction and destroy evidence that could help to save her race. Guess, Sedaka was wrong, breaking up aint that hard to do. Is that supposed to be the two of them on this issues cover? Having them hog next issue cover, (at 3.99?) too, is not adding any enthusiasm to next months installment. And the other team members are saying words but not saying much. Cliche WWII deathtraps are still active and more mention of the Thule but nothing significant to note.

GOTLIB story:

Who?! Okay, its admirable they tie in the Gargoyle crisis in Paris but it could have been presented and footnoted in a more significant way. Who cares about this throwaway-apparent nobody-girl. Missed opp to maybe have had a recognizable character like La Peregrine get stoned. Or maybe one of that team of Parisian heroes from that FF ish when Ben went AWOL during CW? That wouldve helped make IM losing to Gargoyle with no European help more palatable reading.

CARDIAC story:
Not a bad guy but hardly a true hero. Not crazy about the coloring or the fact that this could have been told in half the number of pages. Elias does get a fair amount of face time and a decent turning point character piece after being in limbo too long.

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