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    So? That actually makes it worse.

Ah. I see where I erred. Let me clarify my position. He died of cancer. So there's no reason to go save him from death. He died a natural death. He didn't get blasted by a mystic bolt of energy or die in a story where the timeline reset itself after some cosmic crisis. I'm not saying the death was great or is sacred. I'm saying there is zero reason for heroes to go on a quest to resurrect someone who died of cancer. Why would they do that?

By all means if a hero gets killed by mystical/cosmic means then his buddies can go see if death will cut them some slack or to find some super science way to bring him back. But that didn't happen to Mar-Vell. There's no reason the heroes would disrupt the natural order of things for someone who died a natural death. Maybe if he was say Spider-Man's crusty decrepit aunt they would be more willing. But there is no logical reason why the heroes would come up with a reason to yank a hero from death...when he died a natural death! He got the short end of the stick by getting cancer from Nitro. Death kills good people every day. They're not going to go to the underworld to fight to save the average man from death. They're not even going to go to the underworld to save their own non super relatives from death. So why should they expend effort on saving Mar-Vell? He died. People do that. There was nothing about his death that warrants a re-do.

If a villain brings him back that's another story and I wouldn't have a problem with it. But any so called friend who brings him back from the dead so he can go back to fighting villains day in and day out is no true friend.


    Suffering shmuffering. If he doesn't want to be a hero, then he's no hero. Even wanting to remain at peace is like the ultimate "good man doing nothing."

I don't think that line of reasoning applies when we're talking about people who have already died. They're dead. There's no point saving them after they're dead...because they're dead. And again he died from natural causes like cancer. You're not a bad hero if you don't resurrect your friend who died from cancer. You're a bad hero if you resurrect your buddy who died of cancer but don't make the effort to resurrect anyone else who ever died from cancer. That's just selfishness.

And why resurrect him unless you need him for some cosmic crisis the other heroes can't defeat? Which is just cruel and selfish to do to a friend. And what would be the point of resurrecting him if there isn't a crisis of some sort. So he can just grow old, infirm and die again? He's already dead.

But in the Marvel Universe there's a choice between death and life. Mar-Vell's even been given it before. He basically chose to ignore helping people. Some hero. Even on his deathbed he was choosing the wimps way. It was anything but heroic and anything but inspiring.

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