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Author Topic: JLA/Avengers...Kurt about somthing you said [SPOILERS]
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congrats on the book. It was a good read. Obviously like others I didn't agree with everything. But I have a question about something you said in one of your posts.

You indicated that others in the room felt the same as you did. That a decisive victory for superman was more than likely very plausible for the reasons of superior strength and speed.

Well my question is this, when Supes was going against warbird, she commented on the fact that he was too fast. It was clearly shown he was using his super speed.

But with his fight with Thor no such indication was shown on the panels involving the two. So unless you are implying that the events taken off panel would indicate Superman using super speed I don't think you could reference Superman being faster in THIS instance as a factor.

You are higly regarded as a writer that does his research. Since Superman and Thor have never directly battled your research could only consist of comparable feats. At their peak, both have done some mind boggling things. So the next data you would have would be how did they fair against foes similiar in powers.

Thor has faced, Count Nefaria, Supreme, and Gladiator. All spinoffs of Superman to some degree. In some of the comics they, in particular Gladitor did use some super speed techniques. I will assume you will say that Superman is still stronger than his MU ripoffs. Fair enough but is he leagues above them?

As for Superman, correct me if I'm wrong but who in DCU matches up with Thor. Who wields a hammer as majestic and powerful as Mjolnir. Who has a warrior's heart and battle experience as Thor in DCU?

My point is, your research appears to be your opinion based on comparable feats and you would give the edge to Superman just based on the quantity of these feats he does on a daily basis.

You have said quite frankly that this is your opinion but since you were the writer, it unfortunately becomes more than opinion but fact until another writer contradicts it.

But I am mystified that no one in that group stood up and said, wait, this is a toss up, Thor could take Superman.


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