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Hi, Kurt:

First, thanks for the awesome story you have put out together with George and the other members of the creative team. Truly fantastic.

I am sorry for bringing up this topic for what may seem to you to be the thousandth time, but I was away on vacation and would have written earlier. I also apologize for the length of this message, but I have alot of thoughts on this fight. Before I get into my analysis/comments, I'll admit right off the bat that I am a Thor fan (been one ever since Walt Simonson's magnficent run), so I was disappointed that Thor lost.

1) You said in one of your posts that Superman is stronger than Thor. I don't have a problem with that, but I think the difference in their strengths is not very great. I liken their strength difference to be similar to the difference between two Olympic-class weightlifters, with one capable of lifting 500 lbs. and the weaker one being able to lift about 475 lbs. Would you agree the Thor/Supes strength difference to be in that category?

2) During their fight, I believe the heat vision proved to be the difference. I base my opinion on the shape of the word balloons for each character, in which an irregularly shaped word balloon with truncated sentences is used to indicate that a character's strength has been significantly diminished. After Thor takes two of Superman's blows and then knocks him through the trees, Thor's word balloons are still normal, meaning, in my opinion, that he has not yet been significantly weakened. At this point, however, Superman is lingering prostrate among the broken tree trunks and his word balloon when his eyes start to glow red is irregularly shaped. This leads me to believe that the last blow struck by Thor had significantly weakened Superman.

3) In fact, the decision by Superman to use the heat vision may have been due to his (at least temporarily) weakened physical state. In addition to getting more time to recuperate from Thor's hammer blow, Supes may also have wanted to use the heat vision to feel out Thor's resistance/vulnerability to it. Once he discovered that Thor could be hurt by the heat vision, he poured it on.

4) Thor's decision to wade through Superman's eye beams was the blunder that cost him the fight. He should have whirled the hammer in the manner he normally does to ward off energies from his opponents. There is no way Superman's heat vision could have damaged Mjolnir. At first I questioned your decision to write Thor in this way because he has used Mjolnir to block/absorb opponents' energy beams so often, but then I recalled that when he is in a rage he tends to let bravado get the best of him and make dumb decisions. So actually, I credit you with writing this scene consistently with Thor's personality.

5) Once Thor was within striking distance of Supes, he was almost completely depleted (as evidenced by his irregularly shaped word balloons) and ready to be taken out. I doubt that even Superman could have used the palm of his hand to ward off a hammer blow from a fully-powered Thor, but at this point Supes had recoverd enough of his physical strength and depleted enough of Thor's own strength to do this. So in fact the last punch that Superman landed on Thor was really no more powerful than the other blows he landed.

In summary, I believe Thor was one hammer blow away from knocking out Supes, but his foolish decision to attempt to withstand Superman's heat vision cost him the fight. Had he decided to use Mjolnir to block the heat vision, he probably would have won the fight. I would love to see you do a rematch since I don't think you would have Thor commit the same error, but I realize this probably will never happen. Please let me know what you think of my comments, Kurt. And thanks again for writing this great series.

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