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>I always find this mind boggling that people can talk about what a psychotic freak Hank can be and his one slap of Jan gets waaaaayyy thrown out of proportion (mind you what he did was VERY wrong) and he gets turned into a wife beater...but Jan's little act here of marrying him when he is not in his right mind is just as sickening if not more so.

Which is too bad I really do like them as a couple.

Yep. I like em as a couple too. But like Jennifer Aniston....I'm getting tired of having to "feel the Wasp's pain" and relive Hank at his lowest.

My quess is that Jan's decision to marry Hank while he's sick will be retconned as a mistake she made while attempting to be sensitive as opposed to a mistake made while just trying to marry Hank anyway possible.

As a couple that have both made BIG mistakes in a relationship they are are sort of interesting. As a couple where only one is constantly portrayed as weak and violent and the other strong and patient...not so much.

The Hank/Jan slap assaulted our sensibilities of spousal abuse but also underlined the serious double standard the superhero genre has with depicting violence between the sexes.

Its OK apparently for a Reed Richards in his right mind to slap an unbalanced Sue Richards back to her senses. On a more recent note...its apparently OK for a right minded Sue Richards to slap "whatever is going on in his head Tony Stark" for ruining her marriage.

If Hank's smack hadn't resulted in a panel with Wasp hiding and then revealing the bruise...the act would have remained "comic book violence" to be dismissed instead of an illustration of domestic abuse. Because everyone of these guys and gals has hit each other at some point when they've lost they're temper. Hank is the guy that has paid the price for taking it too close to home...when most of his co workers have taken a swing at him when not having a schitzo episode.

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She's not supposed to wear a pink and red Scarlet Withc-like outfit, but Yellow with red leotard and turtleneck.

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I so agree with you. Hank is one of my all time fav char and I love Hank and Jan as a couple but I get sick of ppl always throw the wife beating thing at him. I thought he had grown well under Perez's run and thought he delt with his being more balanced in the annual. I wish they would give Hank his due.

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