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Subj: Avengers: The Initiative #2--late to the party thoughts/comments [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed May 16, 2007 at 09:35:23 pm EDT
Reply Subj: a lot of her costumes were ugly, as well
Posted: Thu May 17, 2007 at 12:02:37 pm EDT

This is by far my favorite avenger book (I recently dropped NA...just wasn't doing it for me), and fast becomming one of my favorite marvel titles period...I've said it before and I'll say it again, dan slott is one of marvel's best kept secrets...

my favorite aspect of this issue was the focus on Yellowjacket, one of my favorite avengers...while not entirely being a story focussed souly on him, his subplot is probably one of the strongest of the story..I see it as a story of redemption...in the beginning when he and vance are talkign about the new warriors (that's a derogatory term at the training camp, kind of like Munson was used in the movie king pin..heh), hank speaks of making the new recruits BETTER than that...no screwups...just pros doing what they do...it's almost ironic considering hank's jaded past..jan, ultron, going crazy, etc, etc...

anyway, once again, trauma loses control of his powers...the secret of MVPs death may be let out! hank jumps in for the rescue to try to keep everyone safe AND To keep that classified info on the q.t. but trauma uses his power against hank....for many MANY years, no matter what he's done, hank's had the stigma of failed hero on his back...trauma reading hank's mind and turning into a battered jan right before his eyes doesn't instill him with much more confidence in himself..the fact that doctor blitschlag, former nazi and super villain considers all the worst parts of hank's past as inspiration (his biggest fan, don't ya know) doesn't help much either..more on that soon..

hydra attacks the president's house! avengers to the rescue..trial by fire here..avengers old and new, veteran and recruit..cloud 9 learns the hard way that enemies can die while in the heat of battle...

long story short, who comes to teh rescue? hank pym! the 'stinger' device that he handed to war machine was actually a penatrating device with HIMSELF as a payload..now that I didn't see comming...hank saves the day...that's what I mean about redemption...when trauma turned into jan and said 'everytime people look at you, this is what htey'll remember you for', that's not the case..hank's a HERO..he overcame impossible odds yet AGAIN..these are the kinds of acts that he'll be remembered for...

gyrich brings in a tutor to help trauma because his power set is a 'holy grail' to the initiative..who's the tutor? the BEAST! well, not really..beast is just an chaperone..who IS the tutor? we know it's a woman...lost her powers on M-day..who could it be? being that I didn't read house of M I have no idea..I'm not sure which mutants lost their powers...I'm only famiilar with th eteam in X-men (great book by the way)

some other things of note...I'm curious to see how a former nazi and supervillain got involved with the initiative...probably stark's doing..heh...that's going to cause some nice friction with hank..should make for some good reading..also, vance being let 'in the know' about MVP and other classified goings on should make for some nice friction

I LOVE the Gauntlet character..hard assed drill instructor is pulled off impeccably by slott and company..

these new recruits are interesting with cool powers and intriguing personalities...you can tell that slott didn't just make them up for cannon fodder...

and the cliffhanger ending (as well as thinking hank died...great pacing and planning there) was top notch

great art....really liking caselli's work on this book...

ok, I'm done rambling now \=\)

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