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Subj: Mighty Avengers 3 & Fallen Son 3. Words of a lover not a hater. [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu May 17, 2007 at 01:47:14 am EDT
Reply Subj: Can someone post images of Hawkeye's old costumes...?
Posted: Thu May 17, 2007 at 01:58:57 am EDT

A bit surprised to see the bad reaction to MA3. This issue had me more of a believer than before. Issue 1 was a bit ho-hum.. but doing the necessary set up, but 2 & 3 have convinced me that this is going to a be a great book.
This issue brought out the obvious power struggles between the 3 women here who have lead the Avengers before... Wasp, Ms Marvel and Widow.. and people say Bendis doesn't know his history. Each take the lead in a different way especially with the very dominant Iron man out of the way.
The action was nicely broken up with the bit with Pym and Tigra. and I definitely am interested as to what is going on with Ultron and Ironman's back up at the end. My only complaint is that I don't care for the Sentry and I want to see more of Ares. If new Avengers gets a certain return of a classic Avenger then bring Thor back to replace the Sentry.. I'd like to see him and Ares compete.

FS3# The first issue of this series was good.. although I don't care too much for Wolverine.. but the second was a bit boring to me, I was hoping for another fight between the Avenger teams if not just between Ms Marvel and Spider Woman. But this issue was great.. as soon as I saw the cover I was blown away (lets say i'm a fan of Hawkeye and the Young Avengers.) This issue teased us more with the idea of Clint Barton becoming the new Captain America which I like.. but now I'm convinced they won't (but if not him who else... well Falcon would be my number one.. but a black Cap.. I doubt it). Also was hoping to see Clint's reaction to Young Avenger Hawkeye, so got that one crossed of.
My only disappointment is that Wiccan and Hulking have clearly gone over to the pro-registration side.. but where the Hell is Speed cause I don't think he likes the government.