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emerick man


    Written by ROBERT KIRKMAN
    Pencils BY TBD
    Cover by PHIL HESTER
    Why fight super-villains when you can watch attractive ladies take their clothes off in the privacy of their own homes? Our little Irredeemable Ant-Man has got it made! That is--until he realizes that the current subject of his perverted voyeurism is none other than CAROL DANVERS--otherwise known as BRIAN BENDIS' AND FRANK CHO'S THE MIGHTY AVENGERS' MS. MARVEL!
    32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Just read it.

The little things:

Nice cover retcon. Like the ant recapping (always including a panel of ACTUAL story instead of 'wasting' a whole page!!! - but wasn't the little feller almost dead last time?). Carol's apartment IF it's the same specs (was in another title recetnly iirc). "My all-time favorite superhero" \:\-D ! Same rew and minicarrier from the Ms M series. Being brought aboard with SHIELD there. The *sigh* regarding Chris was a least a smidgen(sp?) of redeemability for Eric (whose girlfreind he knocked up). His numerous get rich schemes this issue were good - for a cad. Publicist calling 'em 'Mighty' Avengers inclusion from Ms M also. An Avengers lair \:\) . MA#1 retconned (how a retcon is done right) battle. 'I can't get away from here fast enough' is really appreciated from reading speedy movement of heroes often is taken for granted. It wouldve been neat to see Eric comment on the Mole Man monster. Caught up in the Wonderman punch. Appearance of a notable (granted minor) villain and how he 'deals' with him \:\) . $600=Jackpot. Rescue of the girl was a moment of altruism which makes the title worth reading - he's kinda like a Deadpool or Hitman without the big backlog of bad deeds to be redeemed. And a DC crossover next (which is apparently out right now - so no SPOILER tag...)!

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