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Author Topic: A good summary of the problems with the SHRA
Ben H

Courtesy of Rokk Krinn from comicbookrevolution.blogspot.com...

"First, Marvel lied and has not even attempted to show both sides in an equal light. This critical failure has made the stories less compelling and interesting. Instead, the reader is preached to and directly instructed which side we should be rooting for. This style of story telling fails to make the reader think about tough questions and to get involved in the storyline.

"Second, that Marvel has continually changed the Registration Act to fit the needs of whatever the individual writer wanted to do. First, we were told that you didn't have to sign the Act if you were going to give up being a masked vigilante. However, later we are told that you have no choice and have to sign the Act regardless if you are going to retire from being a masked vigilante or not.

"We are then told that masked vigilantes will have due process and then later we are told they will be held in the Negative Zone without due process.

"We are told that they can sign the Act and not be automatically drafted by SHIELD. Then we are told that they will be automatically drafted by SHIELD.

"Every issue, Marvel changes the Act again in order to fit their needs. It seems as if their original concept of the Act wasn't offensive enough to many readers so Marvel is constantly changing it until it is totally outrageous and completley undefendable and every reader will be against it."

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