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Subj: New Avengers 31... [many, many SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 at 12:01:38 am EDT (Viewed 1 times)
Reply Subj: Avengers #31 thoughs and questions [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 at 04:38:08 am EDT

Did not buy this New Avengers 31. Did not like the art. Especially, compared to the good art of his Wolverine art in the past, like this REALLY nice page:
After last issue decided not to pay for this issue and borrowed my brother's, again, though HE might not buy the next issue either. And just to contradict myself I thought the cover was very well done!

Can't believe how many SPOILER posts I had to pass by this week to read this issue unspoiled. Going to just post my reactions then go back & definitely check 'em out...

Some of the things 'wondered' about:

-THE INITIATIVE on the cover
-some times multiple splash pages in a title are is worth paying $3.75 for less content, it's rare but it's always case by case story basis. Though, fewer times multiple double splash pages are worth the extra money; there were 3 doubles which seemed a bit pricey.
-passed on Previously Page completely which I felt in my pocketbook
-will never see Wong as a craggly faced manservant (with MU sliding time scale) he looks like a... like a skrull ;\)
-Logan's swirling dervish claws were novel the first time but repeated nonstop use of this tactic seems off somehow; ugh
-such nonstop close quarter fighting is great to see all the New Avengers in one panel buuut since this has been going on since the arc began their lasting this long seems proportionately less likely against such numbers which hurts the credibility of the battle
-more street to say @$$ not @#$ ;\)
-okay, it would've been good to fool readers into being annoyed that Elektra would uses such stupid tactics vs Cage but finding the box of matches seemed way too deus ex machina and cancels that kudo
-why would Drew want to make a break for it with Logan when she previously endorsed his stick it to 'em strategy
-Doc's body moving to remove the sword seemed odd with his astral form out of it and IF seeing the form is a nitpick too
-it was good to see IF trying to talk Maya out of it but after reading Immortal for several issues his powers/abilities contribution to the battle is definitely wanting
-the dispersal pattern of the blood from 'Elektra's' gutting was a let down (is it physics-ally possible?) after the awesome cover presentation of that moment
-if they're going to end with a "what does this mean" line wouldn't Clint have been a better choice to logically say this here

On the other HAND (had to do at least one pun), the good:

-Orb being used; it should always be used (& probably the Karkuthi too?)
-Spidey humour made me smile many times that kept me looking for more; "oh, come on..." ;\) every word balloon of his was great (except the bracketed one); Clints's dueling with repartee had an element of fun too to try'n offset the bloodbath
-don't know what they're saying but if it's Japanese it's a good touch for authenticity (can't be skrullese or Logan or Fist would hear). BTW, what ARE they saying?
-Logan coaching for the kills
-okay, Wong casting a spell will go into the good category though I really have to think about it; nice to see magic was quick to cure Maya as it was to curse her
-Maya's killing face was a visceral release (not sure I'd want that on New Avengers though even if Logan justifibly called for it)
-it WAS very cool to be fooled with the SECRET of Elektra; THIS was definitely WORTH the splash (art worked in favour of this nice page!)
-again with the baby focus... my sarcastic prediction in my last issue comments seem to be coming true based on the last panel forshadow which counts as a plus

Preview link:


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