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Subj: Some ideas for how Young Avengers season 2 should start...
Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 at 09:33:00 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Question for ultimate fans
Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 at 12:32:19 pm EDT

Because it’s been so long (and probably going to be longer) since we've seen the YA crew in their own book, I’ve just been thinking bout how if I were to write season 2, how would it begin. Here’s how I think the first issue should play out....


Okay, it’s just a normal day in uptown, when a bank robbery (or whatever everyday villain crime) happens and Kate and Eli show up to stop it. After they take care of the villain; Billy, Teddy, Cassie and V 2.0 show up to capture them. A fight ensues and during the fight, Billy teleports everyone to a "random" location in order to "minimize collateral damage". After they teleport, we find Tommy waiting for them and we find out the fight was a ruse, planned in order to gather the team back together. Billy, Teddy, and V2.0 signed up to patrol Uptown because they needed an excuse to "run into" Eli and Kate. Cassie (who wasn’t informed of the plan) is pretty upset because she doesn’t want to go on the run again, especially when her life was starting to get better. Eli then talks to her and tells her that even if she doesn’t go with them, they’ll understand and still be her friend. Cassie then agrees to go with the team in order to find Wanda. Due to eavesdropping on both sides, they’ve learned that Wanda may have been responsible for M-Day and her whereabouts may be in the Balkans. And from there the team sets off to find Wanda.

Due to the fact that the team was separated for so long, most of the characters have undergone a few changes:

Eli-First off all, I think Eli SHOULD HAVE HAIR. As a young black man, I don’t know many of my friends who, unless they’re a swimmer or on chemotherapy, rock a bald head. For some reason, most artists draw black males with the LeVar Burton Hi-top or the Michael Jordan Bald head. It’s not the hard to draw modern, hip hairdo on black characters. I personally wear my hair in an even all over fade which if were drawn in a comic book would be the infamous “Norman Osborn hair” just black and less wavy. That’s how Eli’s hair should be drawn.

Anyway, Eli has become a much better leader due to him witnessing the late, great Captain America in action. Eli’s realized that a good leader doesn’t just bark orders, but also is empathetic and sympathetic to his troops (as we see w/ him talking to Cassie). He and Kate have also become MUCH closer over the gap. There not officially dating yet, but they’re pretty close. Oh and Eli is also using his throwing stars again since he doesn’t have a distance weapon.

Kate-Kate for the most part is still the same. On a tip from the mysterious Ronin, she isn’t relying solely on her bow; she’s using battle staves and a sword again just so she can be better rounded. She’s also settled into her role as second in command and as Eli’s partner. As mentioned before she and Eli became much closer over the break and she’s the one he goes to when he needs advice or just someone to talk to. They’ve even devised team up maneuvers together (ala the fastball special).

Cassie-Cassie is in a jam because realistically, the initiative was the best thing that’s happened to her. All she ever wanted to be was a hero and now, as long as she's registered she has her wish. Out of all the YA'ers, Cassie seemed like she genuinely trusts and admires Tony so she probably likes and has faith in the initiative. Her and her mom and her step dad probably have a better relationship since for the most part, Stark has won over the American public and the fact that the initiative isn't really that bad of a deal since you are being trained to use your powers and whatnot. Her and Vision are closer, though she just sees him as a friend and nothing more, though that could change, especially since lil’ Kang just might return (or maybe even Kristoff Vernard might show up). Down the line, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch if she keeps in secret contact w/ Tony or even betrays the team. Also to pick up a dangling plot from season one is if her powers are affecting her heart. I think it would be interesting if maybe during a future battle, Cassie collapses from heart trouble and is in a bit of a coma, causing some heavy guilt for the rest of the team since she probably would’ve been okay if she’d been w/ the initiative.

Billy-The same, for the most part. His powers should be slightly more developed because of his training in the initiative.

Teddy-Also the same for the most part. But, since he’s heard rumors his dad is alive again (I’m ret conning Mar-Vell appearing in the final battle of Civil War since that was stupid) he’s know more than anxious to meet him (and to meet his sister as well).

Vision 2.0-Not much has changed w/ him. He’s learned more and become more skilled w/ his powers during his time w/ the initiative. He’s also developed quite the crush on Cassie, but he doesn’t act on it, he’s just content w/ being her 2nd closest friend (2nd to Kate). But if lil’ kang shows up, we might just seem him act on his emotions.

Tommy-Still the same guy. During the gap, he was hanging around Jersey on his own since I can’t imagine him joining with any side since it seems like he has a problem with any kind of authority (though he remained in contact with Eli and Kate). He’s now flirting w/ Kate more heavily and since Kate and Eli aren’t “official” (due to Eli’s shyness and stubbornness) she somewhat returns Tommy’s affection (if not to make Eli jealous).

Well any more ideas, changes, and just overall input would be extremely helpful, so please comment away…..


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