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Author Topic: More why Pym is a Skrull [SPOILERS]
John Phamlore

In Illuminati, Reed Richards states that the important task is to figure out a way to detect the Skrulls, since it has been shown that the Illuminati's present skills were inadequate. The Skrulls by implanting an fake Black Bolt destroyed the Illuminati's trust in each other.

Reed Richards apparently cannot accomplish this task on his own. He has left to turn to only those people with whom he has some kind of relationship. Note how the story is playing out--apparently in the next arc of Avengers doubt will be cast on Reed's arch-enemy, but someone with whom he has worked with in the past and who has an almost equally brilliant scientific mind, Dr. Doom.

Note how Bendis and Marvel re-positioned Elektra over the past few years, making her the head of The Hand first before revealing her to be a Skrull. The known Skrull agent is therefore one who infiltrated to the very top of an organization whose scientific skills might have been a threat.

Beginning in Civil War, the big three scientists who have been shown working together are Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and Hank Pym. Yes, it is plausible that Pym could become one of the big three, but was also plausible that Elektra rise to the top of The Hand, but I would argue that Pym's being elevated to one of the big three in science is still an obvious outlier.

The logic of what Bendis has written so far is that in order for the Skrulls to have maximum assurance their invasion will succeed, they HAVE to infiltrate at least one of the big three scientists, the scientists who could devise a way to detect them. The best candidate for that is Pym.

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