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Author Topic: The team after Secret Invasion... (tally to fanfic)
emerick man

"I'm proud of you, Abigail."

"Thanks Mr. Astrov...oops..Vance. I still can't believe it."

"Believe it. You deserve a spot on the new team. All the politics and fighting behind and we survived."

"I still can't believe that no one knew that one skrull was posing as..."

"Forget all that. This is like a brand new day and the press will be here for the introduction ceremony."

"It's very cool knowing the the New Mighty Avengers will be voted on by the people. Even cooler knowing you're going to lead the team."

"Yeah, well, you can thank the Illuminati for all that. They're really running the big show. Ronin, Black Widow, Iron Fist, Spider-Woman, and even Ares all agreed to stay on because of them."

"Can you believe Ares said yes after that ginormous battle. Boy, was he pissed off...oops...sorry."

"To quote Iron Man: 'Better to keep an angry war god on your side than on the other.'"

"Hmmph. And why did he and Doctor Strange and Prince Namor allow Taskmaster on the team? He's creepy."

"SPINtech is still being allowed now that the number of mutants are on the rise. He's still got the 'nites in him. Besides, he's been above board since while The Initiative was in effect. Black Cat and Jewel may come out of retirement and he'll retrain them. He'll work out. Afterall, he did teach you how to kick butt!"

"Is it true that Colonel Fury..."

"Sorry, classified."

"How's Ms. Tigr...oops...Greer?"

"She's fully recovered and will be at the ceremony. She's taken a lot of abuse lately. Jarvis still hates her. I probably should too; afterall, she dumps me after she uses me just to stay off the Arkansas team she hated. Y'know, ever since my first break up've had trouble communicating with women all th..."

"Hold that thought. Got to go pick up Kate, 10 minutes ago! She's picking up a new Hawkeye costume for the press. It's very cool. See ya later Vance!"


Unofficial Tally: 10 or more votes gets you on the team:

Iron Fist 12votes
Cage 8votes

Spidey 5votes
Dr Strange 16votes

Black Widow 15votes
Wasp 6votes

Spiderwoman 16votes
Black Widow 6votes

Wonder Man 9votes
Ares 12votes

Ronin 14votes
Echo 5votes

YJ 10votes
Tigra 11votes

Stature 7votes
HawkeyeII 12votes

Patriot 8votes
Wiccan 9votes

Guantlet 4votes
Taskmaster 12votes

Komodo 3votes
Hardball 8votes

Cloud 9 10votes
MVP 5votes

War Machine 5votes
Justice 14votes

Reed 7votes
Namor 15votes

Iron Man 15votes
Sentry 5votes


Night Nurse 9votes
Jessica Jones 10votes

Jarvis 11votes
Wong 7votes

Fury 15votes
Hill 5votes

Misty Knight 8votes
Black Cat 11votes

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