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Subj: The iluminate have made things worse in the 616
Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 at 02:16:33 pm CST (Viewed 1 times)
Reply Subj: Why does this book seem so short?
Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 at 05:26:17 pm CST

Stark,reed,namor,blackbolt,xavier, strange have made things worse in the 616. Think about it itwas them who invaded the skrull world and confronted the skrulls which led them to get captured and the lessons learned by the skrulls allowed them to create these new super skrulls. Also now thanks to them taking the infinty gems the skrulls have the space gem. Also the hulk decision backfired on them(except xavier) when the hulk came back mader and stronger then before with new allies and smarter and the combined war devestated new york.(I know they didn't land him on the planet or blew the ship up killing his wife but they had to know he would be back and he would be angry for screwing him and the tape of them admditing it was stupid. And the indvidual members have caused numerous things on there own. Stark created weather satilites that were later used by Ultron to cause damages and lets not forget stark knew parts of dta from ultron where still there and didn't do anything about it. Reed and Stark and Pym created clor and it went screwy and killed golaith and also turned a powerful possible ally agianst stark in thor. Also we know all the spin tech and tech for the inative and thunder bolts are going to fall in enemy hands. With all the mistrust between super heros and starks side it is so open the door for the skrulls.