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Subj: Adjectiveless Avengers 9: Some things had to be said...
Posted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 at 11:38:06 pm EST (Viewed 839 times)

Some things had to be said. Or did they? Or were they? But maybe not these PBP reactions to...

Avengers #9

-certainly context cover, definitely a cheat too.

-dont care for IM's mouth appeture or Hill's bandana on PrevPage. Good layout but no rhyme or reason who gets on the Roll Call it appears.

-groaned at another issue with flashback segments interwoven with a random 'feel' to them but this turned out playing fairly straightforward and complimentary to the story. nb: So, it's been a month since Hood's arrest in, IIRC, The Initiative series after an unclear span of time following SIEGE.

-Robbins read spot on.

-maximum, maximum sounds pretty extreme security. The Raft Guard helmet insignia unfortunately looks like a SHIELD-will-never-die logo. O'Brien the guard seems clichely connable and hopefully NOT 'Michael' O'Brien suddenly with a family and corruptable.

-then the yakkity yak starts. This must happen after Steve and Tony hug in Avengers Prime, right? Xavier is out of order tepe-tapping the 2 of 'em talking privately, right?

-the guard just said the Raft was for superhuman criminals. Huh, this guy is a killer and clearly not human but allowed on Rykers. Still him and Hood's ox-like lackey were interesting with their carte blanche possibilities.

-more yakkity yak. Random humor balloons pointing to random heroes. In fact, hard to identify some of 'em. Is that Spidey tween MK and Cage? Is that Tasha tween Beast and Thor? Is that Sillymask Hill tween Wolv and Mock?

-what is Xavier's problem?! First he eavesdrops then he negates Tony's whole 'private conversation' efforts.

-ugh, is that a beard on the Beast? [This art team is not complimenting each other compared to previous works separately.]


-the Illuminati have no leg to stand on defending the secret keeping. But in the end the heroes will forgive 'em 'cuz, heck, what significance did they serve since Kree/Skrull anyways?

-oh, that WAS Spidey - he webbed up head protection. Wow, that City must have generated some aura of heat back in the day when everyone walked around the mountain snow in summerwear.

-Hawkeye's comment about getting booted out of the clubhouse is curious, if not insulting. Are the two out of earshot or not? Is it Avengers Tower or Stark Tower? Whats going on with the Infinite Mansion too? Hawkeye's quiver looks very wimpy compared to the one in Widowmaker.

-their arguing seems like a belated attempt to show an animousity that shouldve reared its head by now but was ignored. Steve sound right. Steve sounds inappropriately condescending too.


-okay, Ertzia is still interesting but this is one deeeecompressed introduction.

-Thor tries to play peacemaker [maybe he wants to have a belated go at arguing with Tony first ;\) ]

-"YOU'RE OUT!" was a smart thing to say. "HOW MANY INFINITY GEMS ARE THERE?" was a dumb thing to say.

-cant wait for them to get out of these mountains 'cuz continuing to look at these personal attempts to keep bundled/warm past silly last issue. Too bad there wasn't a sorceror present to cast a warmth spell... oh, right. Yep, way past silly.

-giving Queen Medusa lines was good. Having her mistakenly state/assume to know what BB said/did was odd. So was Logan's nickname for her - actually had to read that over to figure out what he meant. At first thought it was his clue source of his super lie detector showing [super in this sentence was not a compliment].

-wow, we do not even get to see what was in the box. Maybe its just frustration but that seems such a cheat to withhold given that we know how things turn out with BB's gem already.

-more yakkity yak. Well, at least Rulk Ross gets some respect for his take charge personality.

-ugh, again with space filling headshot panel layout

-"WE PUT THEM BACK"??! And this man is charge of the World? It sounds awfully naive to find enemy WMD's and put them back after admiring them. And put them back where? He doesnt even know how many there are?

-Ertzia has a lot of oddness about him that was too distracting. Left behind just 'cuz he is old? Put in USA jail 'cuz extrdition to Attilan was not an option? Producing some red something is supposed to be intriguing? Gives up his King's secrets without shame or fear of being yelled at by BB? ... oh, right.

-very cool decompressionvelopment with Whitney. In fact it would have been a much better final page if the top and bottom panels were reversed.

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