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Subj: An Avengers 2012 Hodgepodge......questions, statements and an anecdote:
Posted: Thu May 24, 2012 at 08:04:00 pm EDT (Viewed 365 times)

Even Batman would say the Avengers was fun no doubt and Robin would reply:
Gosh yes Batman!

Alright, that was a weird way to begin this. Sue me, I was watching Burt
and Adam two times a week in the 60's.

This will have to do with the movie and a little off topic. Observations
and questions are numbered lets get into it without further delay.

1. Believe it or not, this was the first film I saw Scarlet Johansson in.
That's right I failed to see Iron Man 2 until after the Avengers. I had
heard of her and seen her in the media, but never made an effort to see
her. I loved her in the two afore mentioned films. She's riveting in the

2. Not much has been said here about Marvel's The Avengers boxoffice
records. Did you know(I base this on boxofficemojo.com)that in boxoffice
categories our film has thirty-six number one rankings? It's sure to be
thirty-seven in a week or so when it gets Avatar's fastest to 500 mil
record! Am I the only one here absolutely enjoying Earth's Mightiest
Heroes rewriting the record books and who especially got a kick out of
seeing the film gobble up all of The Dark Knight's fastest to marks?
For the record TDK held the fastest to 200 mil,250,300,350,400,and 450.
Sorry Bruce Wayne.......all gone in 20 days! and about 61 mil ahead of
TDK'S 20 day total. Cap and company are now in 20 days, past Star Wars
fifth all-time and will in a day probably pass Anakin the Menace for
fourth! I can see it passing TDK but even I know that the other "boat
movie" and those blue people are unreachable! I only hope it can stay
ahead of that other movie that looks depressing that so many fanboys
are eager to see.

3. Speaking of the Dark Knight, does anyone know what was so unusual
about it's time in the theaters in 2008? It stayed in theaters a very
long time. That is unusual for any film. Do y'all realize it was in
theaters for longer than 210 days??? Does anyone have opinions or facts
as to why WB had it in theaters when it was barely making $100 or less
per theater? Spiderman and Spiderman 3 had releases of only about 3 to
4 months and SM2 about 5. Why the difference? 210 days is seven months
for crying out loud. Doesn't seem fair to me.

4. A question for those more observant than me... although I absolutely
loved The Avengers, one thing that did bother me(if I think about it)
was the lack of use of the designations Hawkeye and Black Widow. I at
first thought she wasn't called that at all, then I remembered her
being called that sarcastically in the questioning(I can't spell interrigation)scene. Besides clint being called Hawk at the beginning,
was he ever called Hawkeye in Thor OR The Avengers?

5. Believe it or not, the only set up film I saw in the theaters was
Iron Man. I saw Iron Man 2 after the Avengers and didn't see Cap until
last night after a belated purchase of the blue ray(loved it by the way). I don't dislike IM2 like a lot of fans seem to. Found it entertaining. Still haven't seen TIH yet, but will soon.

6. Alright I am going to close soon, but answer me this..who here has
seen The Avengers the most times? I saw it the third time yesterday,
but because it was 4:10pm showing it was a very small audience(I really
regret not going in the first 5 days). I watched all the way through
the credits(if I enjoy a film I always stay to the end)and after the
Shawarma seen I wondered who was left to see it? So, I stood up and looked behind me into the higher seats. Sure enough there were about 5
or 6 in a group and to the left perhaps 2 or 3 more. I said out loud to
the folks still there after they sort of chuckled at the last scene:
"I don't know if y'all know this but what's funnier is that this seen
has caused restaurant's to sell out of shawarma in about a half dozen
cities." They really laughed at that and one said they wanted some
(Shawarma). I WAS EXAGERATING, nobody was selling out, but did you know
that after the movie opened and that scene became known that in cities
like Kansas City,Boston,New York,Los Angeles, Denver and others it
was that the sales of Shawarma at these restaurants were showing in some instances as high as a 80% increase? Funny huh?

Well, thanks for listening hope I didn't bore y'all too much, and hope
to hear at least a few replies. Avengers Assemble!

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