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Subj: My Obscenely Optomistic Marvel Movie Overview.
Posted: Tue May 29, 2012 at 06:23:49 am EDT (Viewed 321 times)

I'm using these assumed premises:
1. Ten Rings will become either MOE or Zodiac
2. Avengers/SHIELD will seek to secure next-level tech
3. Aliens will investigate human advancements(StarTrek:First Contact)
4. Women and minority characters get the spotlight(Panther+Danvers)
5. Successfull films come from sticking to the source material
6. An expanding universe is more viable than 4/5 tentpoles.

May 2013: IronMan 3-Kree Sentry awakens Mandarin/Stark battle for tech.
Nov 2013: Thor 2- Thanos+gauntlet via Cube=gems lost. Intro Val.& Sutur

Feb 2014: AntMan-- Hank,Janet,Ultron2.0 vs. MODOK/DragonMan- Intro Kree
Apr 2014: Cap America 2-- Wakanda+Vibranium=BPanther vs Klaw/BaronZemo
May 2014: Avengers 2-Stalemate=Thanos gathers gems;intro MarVell
Dec 2014: GOTG-- Escaping Collector; a new team is formed.

Feb 2015: Black Panther- Full origin; then vs Whirlwind/Man-Ape
May 2015: Hulk 3.0-- vs Leader(Brains vs Brawn)
Jul 2015: SHIELD-- (SPYvsSPY)Hawkeye/BlackWidow vs.Scorpio/MadamMasque
Oct 2015: Cap Marvel--Death of MarVell->empowers Danvers vs Nitro/Ronan
Dec 2015: Inhumans, Runaways,or Power Pack--(Pixar)-(Just a guess)

Feb 2016: War Machine-Vs Whiplash-armored as Crimson Dynamo
May 2016: Thor 3-- vs Sutur/Ragnarok Valkyrie replaces Thor on Midgard
Jul 2016: AntMan 2.0--GiantMan,Wasp,new AntMan, vs.Vision/Ultron5.0
Oct 2016: Dr Strange-- Full origin Ancient One and Dormammu
Dec 2016: Avengers3- All new team "Breakout" vs MOE

Feb 2017: Cage--Origin vs Kingpin and Harlem gangs w/Jewel
Mar 2017: Black Panther 2--vs KasperCole/Killmonger/frogs intro Kang!
May 2017: Valkyrie--Journey2Hel/Valhalla vs.Executionr/BRB gets hammer
Jul 2017: Cap America3--Namor with Invaders flashbacks vs Hydra
Nov 2017: GOTG 2-- vs Thanos and Infinity Gauntlet(BetaRayThor returns)

Jan 2018: Savage Land-- KaZar and Wanda/Pietro vs High Evolutionary
Mar 2018: She-Hulk- vs Wrecking Crew...sues them for city damages \:\)
May 2018: Iron Fist-- Origin vs Steel Serpent,w/Cage,C.Wing, M.Knight
Jul 2018: SHIELD 2--vs Zodiac(SecurityCouncil);ClintEastwood=N.Fury Sr.
Oct 2018: Dr Strange 2--vs Baron Mordo/MorganLeFey intro BlackKnight

Jan 2019: Winter Soldier--(lives via Kang)vs BWidow in Russia
May 2019: Avengers 4-- "Avengers Forever" Kang strikes; intro Immortus
Jul 2019: DareDevil 2.0-- vs Nuke and maybe Ronin=Echo
Oct 2019: Moon Knight-- 3 personalities vs Taskmaster
Dec 2019: Hercules-- vs Absorbing Man w/ Amadeus Cho

Feb 2020: Cloak and Dagger-Origin vs Kingpin+D'Spayre
May 2020: IronMan 4.0-- (new actor)vs Living Laser+Ghost
Aug 2020: Heroes4Hire--"Expendebles"=cool chars kickin butt
Oct 2020: Planet Hulk--- What John Carter could have been.
Dec 2020: Alpha Flight-- Full classic cast vs Master

May 2021: Secret Wars pt1 yep.Beyonder snatches major heroes/villians
Nov 2021: Thunderbolts--D-List villians fill void of missing heroes
May 2022: Secret Wars pt2-w/FF, mutants,Spidey)intro several new char
May 2023: Avengers Academy-- WCA compound becomes training camp

Anything here sound plausible or probable?
Which fulfills your fanboy fantasy?