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Subj: Was Avengers Assemble #4 alright with you?
Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 at 07:39:47 am EDT (Viewed 565 times)

Actually after this issue, it is rare occasion that it will be okay if Marvel changes mind, if not had lied, and this is no longer part of continuity...

Avengers Assemble #4

More beautiful art:
Massive SPOILER post:
Livid debate here:

This frustrating issue seems to pander to the young reader, movie goer demographic.
It seemed SO WRONG that:

-a mindcontrolled by evil Hulk could wield Mjolnir
-Thor was so easily bested
-everyone aiming at Hulk, doesn't anyone wanna cut down the puppeteer?
-Cap's leadership/tactics lacking so in battle
-what qualifies for Cosmic Level Breach Protocol precident now
-only TWO SHIELD agents allowed to fire away
-Hill questioning an order from the POTUS mid-battle, again, 'cuz didn't she do the same early in the NA run to Director Stark at the time (if not other occasions too)
-flying car so easily evades The Zodiac
-inconsistency of Thor ready to batter a repentant meta here but not Protector in similar sitch this month
-the extreme interrogation measures oft repeated by the 'good guys' (the Avengers really need a telepath along with the previously mentioned teleporter)
-Tony Stark reverting to crybaby
-focus shifting from the team on the title, which they have NOT even gotten yet, to the new team to end it
-iffff that is Avengers Tower and iffff that is an arbitrary new design...
-swiping a team name from the future franchise, yet again (well at least 2 times with that name might be reason Vance was subliminally moved to be fine with the same name in the year 3000)
-the unfair continuity placement ambiguity of this series (it may not matter to over 50% of fandom butstill really matters to me!

Was it all right with you?

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