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Subj: Was There A Reason That Captain Marvel Had To Come Back, And Why They Had To Resurrect Him?
Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 at 07:28:30 pm EDT (Viewed 298 times)

They did resurrect him right? And it wasn't a Skrull,or an alternate reality version was it? Geez! Doesn't Marvel know when to leave well enough alone? Was there a huge calling for his return? You think that they could leave at least ONE classic death as is. But was the story worth his resurrection? Did they have to bring him back? I'm kind of miffed as to why his return was necessary. He didn't really NEED to die in the first place, but it was a classic, and everybody remembers it, so yeah, leave him dead. What other characters have been in the Remender run so far? I heard that they had Otherworld (Mad Jim Jaspers, Jamie Braddock?),and Lady Deathstrike? Sounds cool, and I like Captain Britian, but Captain Marvel? Why, Marvel, why?