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Can anyone tell me?
Spiderwoman (Julia Carpenter) was an Avenger and was with Force Works. No sign of her? She is Madame Web now? Was´nt her name Arachne and she was with the Shroud?
The Spidergirl (Aranya) is with the Avengers Academy? Did´nt see her yet, want to see more of her.
Want to see more of Spiderwoman /Jessica Drew (more action, more private life...) in the pages of Avengers or New Avengers. Too often she only can bee seen in the background.
Spiderman: Can´t read every Marvelcomic every month, so: What was the story about Peter, Mary-Jane and their daughter? In the earlier pages of New Avengers Mary-Jane was there, but then - no sign of her. He is married no more? Is that reality and continuity????? By the way, I like, how Peter chances his costumes, the black, the original, the white (FF) or the Ironman-made-one in red and gold ...

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Doc Boomstick

    Spiderwoman (Julia Carpenter)

- still Madame Web I think

    The Spidergirl (Aranya)

- still part of Academy I think

    Spiderwoman /Jessica Drew

- I can't stand Hawkeye, so the idea of those two bugged me


I don't think I want to touch this one on an Avengers board. Ask on the Spidey board or google One More Day. It could spiral into something bigger here. As for the costumes, I believe it's just the old red and blue now. He had yet another costume awhile back that Kaine (Scarlet Spider) is now wearing. Oh, and there was even another spider armor.

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He still wears the FF white costume as well.

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