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Subj: Spiders
Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2012 at 02:45:59 am EDT (Viewed 25 times)

Can anyone tell me?
Spiderwoman (Julia Carpenter) was an Avenger and was with Force Works. No sign of her? She is Madame Web now? Was´nt her name Arachne and she was with the Shroud?
The Spidergirl (Aranya) is with the Avengers Academy? Did´nt see her yet, want to see more of her.
Want to see more of Spiderwoman /Jessica Drew (more action, more private life...) in the pages of Avengers or New Avengers. Too often she only can bee seen in the background.
Spiderman: Can´t read every Marvelcomic every month, so: What was the story about Peter, Mary-Jane and their daughter? In the earlier pages of New Avengers Mary-Jane was there, but then - no sign of her. He is married no more? Is that reality and continuity????? By the way, I like, how Peter chances his costumes, the black, the original, the white (FF) or the Ironman-made-one in red and gold ...