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Subj: New Avengers #28: That's it?
Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 at 04:11:46 pm EDT (Viewed 617 times)

New Avengers #28

Immediately posted a reaction after the first page, http://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?msg=xmb-2012071119180252, excited by the reveal and the good artwork. Just finished. First impression:
Oh, okay. That's all of it then.

*Sigh* Guess there's nothing to add except maybe a title suggestion for the unacceptably-unnamed, faus-adventure; "The Return of the Curse of the Holodeck Story Device".

To be fair, there is a little more, too, if readers want to do some presuming and assuming...

• exciting artwork all issue. It bears repeating.
• everything the trio said were their real thoughts while all the X-men battle reactions were bupkiss. Telepathy alone would've prevented the scenario since The Avengers still don't (indisputably) use psionic protection.
• this must happen during the 12day span of unexplored daily grind in A vs X #6 but before the trio was back and free in A vs X #7. ...right? Aaaaargh! The Event sequencing is sickening! Maybe Thor gets caught somewhere in there, but maybe not. Everything the X-men say and do is 100% suspect and... doesn't matter.
• Cage grows hair. Either he must be CONSTANTLY shaving or a full beard is evidence of day or days passing.
• a REALLY nice "hawkeye" logo (introducde?).
• Drew continues to disappoint. Her most impressive showing and it didn't even happen! And seriously, she doesn't think Cage grows hair?
• Clint has a butt mark. He also has a bit of fun lovey dovey banter with his new girl.
• props to Danger as a master warden. (Apparently better than Walker?)
• entertaing cover, layouts and faux-pacing too.

Okay. THAT's it now?

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
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