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Subj: Adjectiveless Avengers #28...
Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 at 07:23:10 pm EDT (Viewed 47 times)

Too bad Rulk doesn't get his own title so he can get his overdue spotlight... oh, right. Never mind.

Adjectiveless Avengers #28

At least it's not another team title issue almost exclusively starring a solo member that... oh, fertheluva... Well, we better not get another big dinner spread because that interlude scene cliche has gotten more stale than... aaah dammit. The 3 man art team did not mesh more than servicable. On the plus side, the narrative by Gen.Ross was more than generous with text and context. It can be entertaining when the good guy doesn't make all the right decisions because it can add some realism. Rulk's battle showing is actually quite impressive but, gee whiz, ol'Thunderbolt drops back down towards jerkwad status after this poorly planned proactive mission. His fragile Q-Rating will probably drop [disappointingly after his some likable growth over in his other title alongside Avenger Aaron Stack].

-he is a dedicated military man going rogue against Cap, the only hero that is truly looking out for him.
-he makes his decision and secretly assassinate the leader of the enemy in a Avengers-proclaimed war. Okay, when the Avengers side wins his narrative admission [after a disorienting Nuff Said setup] and subsequent lack of confession [after the clumsy tactical strike] really paints him as a crappy Avenger, if not criminally liable
-his plan seems to include makes Utopia seem like it's across town instead of across the globe which is annoying, as a reader, having to assume this fits in with this week's AvsX in Wakanda
-his plan revolves around the premise where a lone gunman can overcome the mutant army that his Avengers team failed to do
-his plan revolves around his theory that Emma's illustrious telepathy will not live up to it's reputation because he is that lucky. He probably got his intel from Psylocke or Xavier. A Cuckoo? Yes, he is.
-his plan mocks Magneto's ability by leading readers to believe Max can actively detect the difference between NY steel to California steel. Did he also get intel how to evade the more mundane detection methods, like Shi'ar tech or Radio Shack nannycams?

Apparently, Cyke thought it more prudent to keep streetlevel heroes in the brig [either before or after \(\?\) *sigh* Clint was captive] and free the teambuster gamma monster to send a graffitigram. Ross seems more determined than ever now so, so much for Scott's 'right call' too. No comment on Iron Man's embarrassing dialogue or Super Panther's non-factor.