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Subj: Avengers Vs X-Men #9: Harsh...
Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 at 01:31:35 pm EDT (Viewed 870 times)

WARNING: These reactions while reading along were harsh...

Avengers Vs X-Men #9

Nothing is going to happen to Spidey so bad compared to other potential victims to put on the cover so nothing was evoked by the image.

Was torn about keep the readers in the dark about who was bleeding on the lead in page. Good and bad story telling elements about it. Until the next page it's revealed as THOR and this lead in turns out bad because that does not sound like THOR speech pattern narrating at all!

*SIGH* more time elapsed we have to rationalize. On the plus side it is more definitive than previous told EVENTS. Another 8 DAYS gone by. Avengers in hiding in another dimension. [Hiding form the K'un Lunnians it seems too... just j/k... kinda.] GUESS some Avengers from read crossover stories are prisoners for 'quite a while'. GUESS we can assume the they have some kind of emergency line to Earth to explain Rogue (and others?) noting that they could be contacted? GUESS Thing just is taking his chances to stay with the FF? GUESS they upgraded the Portal system (from last ish) when it could only be open/closed from the K'un LUn side but now we see no set welcome wagon stationed? *SIGH*

Tony's mind seems like mush since creating the Phoenix-Five with the useless contributions we have seen from him since. Disappointing.

Ooo, the THOR MB is going to be mad! Not clear if this capture is connected to his VS BATTLE is against Emma. \:\(


Pleeeeeeeeeease don't imply Hope was made an Avenger like that! Please.

Beast is doubling as a stated injured patient and doctor on duty.

So much for Mockingbird's awesome blood factor.

Wanda get to hold her own IV this ish! Good for her! *SIGH* Was she hurt in a crossover?

Going to ASSUME again, that Hope's training involves gaining UBER-self control and awareness. Be nice if they (re)stated it.

"NO ONE'S SEEN xAVIER FOR DAYS" ?! Heck, readers hardly have seen him at all! \:\(

Surprise, Storm shows up and finally, X-men are finally smartening up.

Whattaya know, Danakil is (ironically) THAT harsh: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0510/feature2/

PF-Emma could turn off people's minds all over the world, eh? Big deal real-Emma could've done that before.

WTH?! Who is PF-Redhead?! Emma? Is that just a poor coloring error with her hair? Please don't be a sudden appearance of a new Jean-lookalike - that'd be unfair storytelling.

That was a quick flight from Ethiopia to Wakanda. So, BP and people still digging themselves out (lotta good that Bast power/wisdom up has been). At least it's a chance to see her and T'Challa talk about their... WHAT THE HELL? Already annulled?!! Unfair storytelling.

OH FERTHELUVA... let's have some narrative time stamp boxes!!!! Okay, so fooortunately have Xmen Legacy 270 handy to know the Limbo Prison is at THE VERKHOYANSK MTS. -no thanks to the narrator. Also, SUDDENLY Xavier is there with the rest of the heroes now to rescue the prisoners. GUESS Danger's jailcell wasn't that good or that long a fate afterall. GUESS Storm wants all the good mutant press not to ask Gambit and the other 2 along.

PF-Piotr is just as stupid-when-called-for like the New Angel... doesn't know whales can't live out of water... *SIGH*

And it's another pointless donnybrook with no lessons learned from previous battle-strikes. *SIGH* Not very good art this issue to make so not much visually stimulation either. But whattaya know, the cover does mean something. Good for Spider-man being heroic like that. Ooooh, that was NOT THOR on page 1. Unfair storytelling with that segue that turns out to have been in media res. Poor Peter, PF-punched!

*SIGH* Xavier running and punching.

Okay, that is ONE DUMB way to be defeated. PROPS to Spidey for pulling it off but c'mon WHAT A JOKE of an ENTITY. *SIGH* So wait, everything went boom, then they opened a Portal (no thanks to Lei), then they go back and dig out Spidey, then it turns out Spidey survived in cliche fashion with everyone only a little singed. Bah. It's probably not exactly the sequence but the sooner the issue is over the better.

PF-Cyke can tear thru dimensions all along. Hope was never safe in hiding. "Cap made another great call." *SIGH*

Too harsh?

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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