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I would not want to see either the Surfer or Galactus in an Avengers movie. Neither are especially interesting characters in my opinion, neither has a connection to the Avengers franchise and both are iconic Fantastic 4 characters, so a move like this would probably restrict their use in any future F4 reboot.

I'm sure there are more appropriate villains to run with for Avengers 3.

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Doc Boomstick

It takes so long to make a trilogy, especially when the characters are filming solo movies as they go. I really don't see this cast of actors lasting more than a few movies and there are far too many Avengers stories that could make it to the screen. There is no need to bring in FF characters, even though I know that's what they did in the cartoon. If anything, Big G and Surfer should be in the new Guardians movie.

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Kinda agree. While I love Big G and his whole "I'm not evil, I just gotta eat" thing, I think it would problematical portraying the giant humanoid version of him in a movie. And I hated the way they handled him in FF.

Surfer has potential, both in a Thanos storyline and to see him bash heads with Thor and the Hulk. But yeah, he's pretty tied into the FF and I don't think the Avengers need him as a major character.

Daredevil on the other hand has some potential just as a possible Black Widow love interest and maybe some conflict with Hawkeye as a result of it.

What other characters does Fox own the rights to? Be nice to look through them and see who Marvel can get in a "trade" for Daredevil.

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I find the Surfer to just be so booorrrriiiinnngggg! He's never really graduated from the whole Space hippie thing they had going on in the 70's and hes got as much personality as a wet dishcloth. There are much more interesting uber-powerful characters that would be better placed to star in an Avengers movie.

The question is going to be though, just how do you go bigger than Thanos for the third movie? Whose bigger and more powerful than Thanos? That causes a problem which may be why Marvel would consider Galactus and Surfer, although I still think it would be a mistake.

Something like Operation Galactic Storm would seem a natural fit for a third movie.

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Well, if they're going to pull the story from the pages of the comics and try to top Thanos then what about the Korvac saga? I think that would be the best use of Galactus in an Avengers flick.

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    A deal may be in the works


I would be ok with it. I never really was a Daredevil fan one way or another. I think Surfer and Galactus would be better off in the hands of Marvel studios than they would be with Fox and Marvel could do more with them. Given that they are cosmic staples. Do they fit in an AVengers movie though? I am not sure about that one way or another. Since the Avengers have more prominant rogues around like KAng or Ultron. Galactus would be cool but seems like would be more interesting as a character in a GotG sequel or something like that in the end. Avengers have more than enough to draw from. Although I love the cosmic so who am I to argue?

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