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Subj: New Avengers 29: Illuminati hogwash...
Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 at 03:58:43 pm EDT (Viewed 64 times)

New Avengers #29
> http://www.maxim.com/comics/exclusive-look-the-new-avengers-29
> Can the power of friendship beat The Phoenix. Of course not. Don’t be stupid.
Heh, that was a funny solicit line.

Can we get an Illuminati meeting when god-like Breakers and Skyfather-kin attack the Earth? Of course not... but at least they (finally) get together for the Phoenix-Five.

Can we get an Avengers title that spotlights even one member of the title Avengers? Of course n... oh wait, Dr. Strange literally pops in and out so... there's that.

All sarcasm aside, this was an engaging meeting that kept you guessing and hoping at what would be said next. Unfortunately there was a good amount of hogwash said but it was still ended up an entertaining read with the superficial overtones. It has lots of your decent Bendis-dialogue and satisfying Deodato-artstyle. Too bad the point of the meeting was only to convene to have a talk with PF-Namor and not to discuss dealing with the Event beyond, "NO, we will not use the Infinity Gems". Hence the 'stupid' in the solicit.

=Poser cover but it is context so it's fair.
=WWII battle vs Red Skull thrown in would have been sooooo much better if it had been a footnoted/known battle instead of pet peevish generic retcon fight. It really meant nothing other than the aftermath/brotherly bonding of Cap and Namor (that everyone familiar with The Invaders may have been happier with 1 page instead of 4). The prison camp flea market comment read kind of silly.
=Referring to Tony's business as STARK ENTERPRISES was unforgivably premature or post-dated.
=Placing this meeting chronologically is confounding as usual. Presumably, after PF-Cyke said "NO MORE AVENGERS" but before the Avengers became fugitives onthe run (apparently) for weeks and definitely before PF-Namor is taken down in Wakanda. It's a little anticlimactic with this in mind and given where readers are 'IN THE PRESENT' a followup summoning of a depowered Namor by the Illuminati would have been even more 'must read'.
=Tony talked like a a$$. Now, he should not be the saint of the group but his inappropriateness went on for too long here and he offered nothing constructively which really was too bad. And BTW, that Wells Fargo statement better have been another half-a$$ed joke at everyone's expense.
=Professor Xavier was a jerk. [Kitty Pryde was right all along! \:\) ] He had the inside track but failed to win over the Illuminati (or me). He selfishly offered no new insight, instead playing the anti-mutant card and ran off the wounded soul.
=Reed Richards was no help. He makes no suggestion of Ultimate Nullifier, Cosmic Cube (real or homemade), Franklin and his sidekick Galactus, Uatu Consultations. Instead, he suggested NOT fixing the sitch or using the Infinity Gems 'cuz things were pretty good right now - save the AvsX bad blood. He is probably just peeved the FF were not invited to the party in the first place. ;\)
=Everyone walking out on Cap's faith played out dramatic. The face in the shield was a nice bookend-type story device. There was a moment of real hope when he showed up. Quickly dashed. Then the two 'brothers' plainly ask the other to change and predictably they both refuse. The degree of control that the Phoenix Force has over Namor seems a bit less here than in other issues for such a civil exchange at this point of the crisis. Him leaving peacefully was either confounding or stupid in trying to decipher the nature of this PF-possession. He gives a very poetic parting line.

Didn't like the Illuminati (alleged usefulness) before this. Still don't.


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