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Subj: Avengers Vs X-Men #10...
Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 at 01:36:04 pm EDT (Viewed 66 times)

Here are some PageByPage reactions to compare as you read along...

Avengers Vs X-Men #10

-Anticipatory cover. Will she do more than love tap him? Is that split screen with Hope going to mean something big akin to all the online predictions?! This might be entertaining...
-AAAAAAAAAAAAAHA, there u r Uatu
-Good, right to the followup clash
-2.2 miles is a neat detail Will we get other even NEATER story details? (Still kinda curious now big is this dimensional city though)
-Great, Tony knows how and when Hope will be ready from her wax on/off training but not readers.
-A Mussolini reference?! Don't make me laugh indeed, Iron Fist.
-Huh, with Book of the Iron Fist, recent upgrades & mystery about him, and the new PF element of his origin thought Danny would do SOMETHING... nope... not even a Fist like unto a thing of Iron for Shao Lao's sake!
-Probably purposefully chasing her as a leeeeisurely pace.
-Nice calvary moment for IM.
-Dumb. What did Prof think Cap was going to leave the bodies of Magik and Piotr behind?! Was he?! THAT's why Prof won't help the side he wants to win THIS time compared to his excuse at the Illuminati meeting?! Cap shedding a tear?!!!
-Will Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson have as evil a stare as Ororo & T'Challa? We will find out their divorce story faster it seems
-PF-Emma still nastier from last issue. Apparently Sam has some cahonas for a story device moment. (Is that Hep?)
-PF-Emma is hypocritically argumentative. Magneto is more strong willed than others. (Hope he didn't expect to stop her if he'd only gotten to his helmet!)
-Terrible behind the scenes fight. What did Tony hit and miss Cyke with? We will never know
-PF-Cyke is terrible at tracking after being impressive finding K'un Lunn last ish.
-Those 3 are late to the party. Clint better have a nuke arrow their. Fair twist on Thing's catch phrase. Thor is only stunned - bet they hope that'll appease the Thoraholics
-Even Handbook dragons don't stay dead. (Though we were recently told this.) Supermysticbreath trumps Mjolnir it seems
-Good for you, Lei 'Chuck Norris' Kung. Kinda sad he shows up the Avengers so bad here
-The same old unconvincing debate of what the PF is for
-Hope doesn't even remember her own powers of mimickry in the heat of the sitch?!
-IM got better surprisingly fast. Too bad the team can't regroup as fast
-Looks like Wanda just lost the odds in her favor she never capitalized on yet.
-Dumb... luck. Chao-Fist the first new cosmic kung fu move in centuries. THAT's what she trained for and didn't even realize? Anti-climactic win
-Uatu opens his eyes
-Huh, it is NOT PF-Cyke's time yet! Oh well, guess that means PF-Emma will fall first
-Dumb. The two factions reunite. THEY DID leave the bodies behind?! Prof didn't even stay behind after all that?! Was Strange in Russia all along (should've been in earlier scene). Who is the bald guy behind all the Avengers (bottom right panel)
-Magneto got better surprisingly fast. Too bad the mutants can't be heroes alongside him by now.

With 2 more issues to go, it felt like a lot more clarity and progress should have happened this issue. Wanted a lot more. Everything about this chapter was wanting. Supposition of the chronological status of the players NOT seen really seeped in while reading and was quite offputting. Only Iron Man and Magneto did were... somewhat competant while everyone else was going thru the unentertaining motions.

And what are your reactions?

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