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Subj: Hawkeye #2...
Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 at 09:58:12 pm EDT (Viewed 26 times)

Hawkeye #2

Despite pretty picture but boring poser cover, this ish was MUCH better than the premiere. So much. Didn't like #1 at all but it's not to say this more fun issue was flawless. The credits page was a like a slap in the face. The same don't bother reading this message was done more cleverly in AvX VERSUS mini but here it's just a page of nothing to pay for.

The TWO unnecessarily unnoted time sequence jumps were probably unsavory for newer readers not familiar with Marvel allowing free reign to writers attempting creativity with chronal craziness. The first one was the nice set up page http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m84y87rnoA1qbujox.jpg. The second was when Hawkeye very unprofessionally hired his sidekick Arrowette with a phone interview.

The 'Bendis-talk' for lack of a better term was overdone and unnatural in some parts but okay and believable in other. Kate got in better shots than Clint when it came to wit. 'Course her words in panel #3 of page 1 was babbling to me and had me worried about her but she redeemed herself with a spunky showing. The May/September hints of Hawkeye II with Hawkeye I could go either way dramatically or creepily - http://collababortion.tumblr.com/post/31004428512/hoursago-hawkeye-2-i-am-in-love but they had good chemistry here. Her spunky and precocious mannerisms is something new -that may continue to be entertaining- for him to deal with when it comes to women. However, still waiting for the mention of Bobbi, Jessica or Natasha. And hey, if Lucky could get a new name then she should get a new one instead of 'Hawkeye'.

The art and choreography was MUCH better than the premiere too. And where last issue they confused us with random mismatched coloring this issue made a brave statement to go with just the purple and black scheme which worked very well (but lets see how long before 2 color in a 4 color medium works for Clint). Nice touch http://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?rpy=ironman-2012090701384603 with Whitney's mask. The interchanging of the off-site(?) Hobo Grafitti and the target practice sheet http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m84y73B94t1qbujox.jpg and the next page felt a bit misplaced to mess up the otherwise evocative layouts througout.

Huh, always thought it was cumberbuN. It's cumberbUND, thanks Kate! \:\)

Newer readers will probably appreciate the revolving door cameo of the who's who of mob bosses more than continuity conscious old readers. Some of who should not be there. Still, the fanboy in me had to smile a bit. And wow, a 'tres bien' ;\) showing of La Ringmaster. Also, appreciated was his VERY subtle hint of being leader of the SA now.

Very disappointing was no name given to the Jerk Du Soleil and the Swordsman's Protégé. They both had entertaining introductions(?)! Also, disappointing as with the premiere, was looking at Hawkeye's TODO list and expecting him to be slumming it for the theme of the title when his hi-tech Avengers methods would be so much smarter. Granted this series is just getting its legs but based on previous Hawkeye series he better aim for the best. Here's hopin'.

Speaking of Kate and Maynard, were either of them ever portrayed this deadly with their weapons (ala Longbow Hunters Oliver Queen)? Dramatic but hopefully not impromptu. Neat of Kate tell readers she didn't kill the goons at the pool (just took out their eyes) but what about the goons on the stairs?

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