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Subj: The Korvac Saga: Did Anyone Read The Original Ending? How Was It? I Heard That It Dilluted The Storyline.
Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2014 at 06:06:57 pm EST (Viewed 329 times)

Never read all of the Korvac quest (Read a lot of it, and know what happened, but not the whole thing.), but I know that when it was released in trade paperback (Or after.), there was an epilogue that was added. I believe that it was written by Mark Gruenwald (Who had a part in the original storyline?), but it had the Avengers debating about Korvac or something. Did anyone read this? I know that Tom Breevort didn't want it included, because he felt that it kind of took the sails out of the storyline. But eventually it was included. The original ending. What was the difference, exactly? Korvac killed himself. But of course he was brought back. I think that they probably should have left him dead, especially since his appearance during the Mark Waid run on Captain America was less than impressive.