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Mighty Avengers 007

Page by page reactions to compare if you read it...

Did we know about Mace and Ava's parents? What issue # please??! Terribly noted, regardless, even if it clears up the horribly done cliffhanger last ish.

She hijacked the Avengers priority alert?! That makes her a tiger techie too? So, THAT'S what happened in the last page cliffhanger. These (CRAPPY) signal pieces can do that?! Very jarring exposition on the very first page - where a more organic update would have sit better.

Pretty good artwork to start and set the mood though - and ended up really liking the story anyways.

Interesting deal with Bast. Kind of like a Werewolf By Night By Choice character. This felt like it was probably touched on and seems less jarring a reveal for some reason (but it still should've been footnoted). Didn't she have a spotlight ish in Academy? This really has me craving her to cross paths with Black Panther if only to compare avatarship. Cover props earned too.

"WISHING HE HAD USED A CELLPHONE" Just a pet peeve here but d
idn't care for this supertext ID joke thrown in it seemed more silly to consider than serious as intended. Marvel has a looong way to go to porperly/logically communicate the superhero/cellphone dynamic of this day and age.

"JUST WALKED IN THE DOOR" Supertext ID's can be fun and fine if not dumb like this. Vic's was boring AND he was already sitting down anyways! Luke's and Jessica's boxes were fine.

Now that's what'm talkin' 'bout! Mace's backstory IS footnoted! Sweet, gonna have to check out this PPtSS #52 ASAP. Good job to whomever in the Bullpen pushed for this inclusion.

Loved Jen's supertext pertinence and supervillain update.

Mon "DOESN'T KILL... ANYMORE"? Is this a intriguing "oo-oo" mystery tease or a frustrating unfootnoted fact that only other readers know?

Krask, Kenny, Carver & Lowe had entertaining page. Neat observation about how testimony of a pigeon -or stool pigeon as it were ;\) - is inadmissable evidence that is often used in Sam's crimefighting technique.

Funny page with the ornithophobia (to play off the last unfunny issue of it) to be effectively/dramatically interrupted by White Tiger like that.

Iron Fist's supertext ID is pages too late. It's good that Rand was able to track Ava so quickly. It's not as thematically good that he's on another MA mission but hasn't officially signed up yet. The fight with the other 2: was comicbook fun.

The offputting part about Cage getting to the APRI before Ava was that it made it look like Jen wrongly knew more about Ava's obsession with Mace more than she did.

So, there's two Trasks? That's interesting. Jen and Cage go in plainclothes but Falc is there in costume felt defeatist to the scenario. [Heh, maybe this is a way to promote the theme of She-Hulk's new title?] Interesting legality discussed 'cuz they keep it short and sweet.

Awesome entrance panels by "Tiger". (Tiger still IS Bast, right?) Another comicbook fun fight ensues. Guess Jen wasn't expecting trouble so she only had on bra and panties to hulk out into - riiight, THAT's why she was baring skin! ;\) Speaking of skin, the other thing that helped make this fight fun to watch was the interesting new twist thrown in with what happens to Cage's indestructible skin. AND THEN...

They go and top it with a COOL and unexpected move by Spectrum! (So, there IS two Trasks, right?) Followed by a neat observation by Falcon to have readers get their moneysworth by having to backpedal to see what he (obviously) sees on Luke's back.

Krask, Mace, and now Cortex Inc. added to the mix. This helps balance the scales to make them more interesting foils for the cosmic-level street vigilantes the MA are being marketted as.


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