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Subj: Re: Thanos's Mother and the Mysteries of the Marvel Universe
Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2014 at 03:39:14 pm EST (Viewed 415 times)

    I think the most logical explanation that can explain Thanos having the Deviant syndrome is Sui San must be descended from some strain of Deviant.

    Which means someone in Uranos's group was descended from Deviants. My totally unsupportable guess is that Sui San is the daughter of Uranos and his follower Shastra and Shastra was a Skrull infiltrator. Granted that means Mentor slept with his cousin but like you say he was originally presented as a titan and the titans of myth were way more incesty and took their siblings as spouses.

Well, Earth/Universe/Paradise X claims that Sui-San was a Skrull, which is why Thanos has both mutant and Deviant-like qualities and why he has that furrowed chin. If we figure this Kazantra was Eros's mother, so he and Thanos are only half-brothers, that might explain it, too.

It might also help us understand how Sui0San went from orange-skinned in flashbacks to white Caucasian in the recent Thanos Rising mini. (Which itself has reopened the door to Nebula being Thanos's granddaughter, since now Thanos had kids all over the place and didn't always get around to killing them right away.)

    Another thing is I get Starlin was trying to say the Titans were the Titans of Greek Myth...but clearly the ones we've seen don't match any known titans except Kronos. Uranos in Greek mythology wasn't a Titan....he slept with his mother Gaea and was their progenitor but he wasn't an actual Titan.

This is true, which is why the Eternals retcon has stuck and ended up pretty much working. We also know that the Titans can create beings with their life-baths, and more recently we've seen that Earth Eternals -- outside special circumstances -- are resurrected by Celestial machinery when necessary. This raises the question of why anyone Thanos killed on Titan stayed dead, instead of being life-bath cloned or recreated back on earth…for that matter, how come the Celestial tech let any of the Eternals leave? Though if Sui-San or her mother were Deviants, that might explain why in their cases. (The Gaiman Eternals series doesn't square with some other stuff we've seen, in other words.)

    Eros wasn't a titan he was the son of Aphrodite (so he was like a great-grandchild of the titans). Thanatos was a son of primordial darkness deities Nyx and Erebus. I have no clue who Mentor is supposed to represent in the analogy.

Mentor is a human character from the Odyssey; Athena poises as Mentor to give info to Odysseus's son Telemachus. (Let's hope no one decides that A'Lars is actually just Thena commuting between worlds in disguise or something!)

    There are a lot of threads to that tapestry:

    1. Earth's humans/Eternals/Deviants. The paradigm goes that the Celestials gave humans the potential for mutancy, gave the eternals stable forms and the Deviants are supposed to mutate wildly from offspring to offspring.

And unlike every other world, all three races (plus mutants as a human offshoot) stayed around on Earth, which apparently has something to do with why the Celestials keep returning. Since Jonathan Hickman's SHIELD has brought the "defenders of a Celestial egg" theory into 616 continuity, though, their work on various alien worlds makes much less sense. For that matter, I don't recall quite what role the Deviants played in that theory, either.

    2. The Skrull Deviants, the normals and their Eternals as well as the Deviant offshot the Dire Wraiths, and the fact that the Skrull Deviants are still able to have mutants which should be a trait of the slaughtered Normals. (Not so much implying the Normals aside from Prime Skrull survived but rather their descendents have intermingled with Skrull Deviants)

Dire Wraiths are different due to messing with dark magicks, though, right?

And as we discussed in another old thread, one of the Skrull "normals" we've seen -- Prime Skrull -- actually seems to have Eternal-like atomic restructuring powers, unlike Kly'bn (before his godhood) and "throwback" Talos the Untamed. Maybe he has the SAkrull equivalent of the x-gene?

Srkull Deviants also seem unlike Earth Deviants; rather than having wildly different forms with each generation, they just don't have a fixed form for any individual. But compared ot Earth Deviants, they're much more stable as a phenotype

    3. The Kree normals both the original blue and the pink Kree that come from a result of them breeding with other races, the kree Eternals, the lack of known Kree Deviants and the Cotati who also evolved on Hala but presumably evolved independent of Celestial interference.

Since there's at least one surviving Kree Eternal, Ultimus, there must have been Kree Deviants, surely. The Kree started out as a bunch of barbarian tribes with little beyond spears and fire, so it's not clear when, where, or how their Eternals were wiped out.

Or their Deviants, for that matter; at least on Earth, Deviants and Eternals both ended up with more advanced tech thanks to studying the Celestials' leftovers; this doesn't seem to have happened on other worlds.

Additionally, no other world seems to have a counterpart to Apocalypse, a mutant whome the Celestials seem to have deliberately altered in order to do soemthign with regard to their ongoing experiments. While En Sabah Nur was active on a Skrull world for a while, he seems to have no real counterpart. Though if you're looking for an immortal megamind that wants its race to keep evolving, you do have the Supreme Intelligence. Troiuble is, that's officially the result of the Kree using tech to crudely imitate an Eternal Uni-Mind, isn't it?

    4. The Titan Eternals and the Uranian Eternals and their connection to the Kree and the Kree's creation of the Inhumans from Arlok's corpse...one confusing issue about the Uranian Eternals...Uranos didn't found the Uranian Eternals. He founded the ORIGINAL settlement of Eternals on Titan that was later wiped out in a civil war. Mentor just repopulated Titan with Sui San. Astron founded the Uranian Eternals after Uranos left him and three other followers on Uranus. And honestly I was never quite clear where the protected domes came from on Titan and Uranus and whether that was created by the Kree, the true Uranian aliens or another party.

Agent sof Atlas also claims that the Uranian colony was a penal colony, not just a place the losers of a civil war went a la the Trojans in the Aeneid. But that begs the question of who could have picked it as a penal colony and how they were kept from just leaving for Earth again. There's some reference to the idea that the alien Uranians were the wardens, since their rule is that you can't ever leave the planet one you've bonded with them.

We also don't know whether the Uranian colony died because Deathurge convinced them all to kill themselves and then ruptured the dome, apparently on behalf of its master Oblivion…or just for giggles…or if it died because of "radiation from its core" per Agents of Atlas (which was implicitly perhaps the native Uranians killing them because of the Uranians' plans to return to Earth again).

    5. The Earth Eternals and their similarities to the Greek Gods. I believe when the Eternals were reintroduced in Thor after the original Kirby series the Asgardians and the Olympians had never heard of the Eternals and were legitimately shocked to learn of their existence.

That storyline reveals that the Olympian Eternals had made a pact with the Greek gods and were taking their names to seal the deal. Since there wouldn'ty be enough godly names, that might explain why some of them ended up named for Titans and even non-gods like Mentor. "Eh, it's close enough to Olympian."

    6. Are the Cotati connected to the H'ylthri? (simple answer...all signs point to no)

No reasont hey wuld be, but the similarities are uncanny. Given that Kun-Lun is on the same continet the Priests of Pasma settled, and that it was suggested in Avengers v.1 #133-5 that Earth martial arts may be descended from the Kree pacifists' techniques, there's room to suggest the H'ylrthi are some kind of transplanted or corrupted offshoots. But it wouldn't necessarily be a good thing to make all martial arts the result of ancient astronauts, like Earth people can't figure out how to punch each other more effectively all on their own.


    7. The moon where the Skrulls created a blue area of oxygen, the Cotati created a park, and the Kree created a city which the Inhumans parked their own city right next to for a time in the modern age. I'm not sure if Uatu built his citadel there or if just lives in the Kree city that the Kree built in their contest with the Cotati to join the Skrulls trading consortium. I don't think the Cotati garden is still there but I think the Elder of the universe the Gardener resurrected plants on the moon when he had the time gem...I can't remember if Mantlo even knew about the Cotati park on the moon but it makes some sense Gardner would be able to resurrect plant life there.

According to Avengers v.1 #133, the Cotati garden wasn't on our moon, but rather on some other planetoid where the Cotati are dropped off before the Skrulls head to our moon. But later the Kree can somehow run over and destroy it without ships…I have no idea whether Engelhart was keeping track of his own script there, so let's assume it's all the same Earth-moon. Unless maybe the Cotati were left on Titan…..?

It's worth remembering that the Skrulls weren't originally a bunch of war-loving punks; it was the barbarian Kree who killed their emperor and stole their tech, forcing them into a long-lasting war that sort of ruined both societies.

Also, the Skrulls setting up the natives of Hala to compete is itself a bit like what the Celestials do, so maybe its typically Skrullian imitative behavior?

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